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I have come to the conclusion that this game is balanced around the pro scene. Your average gamer moaning about hereos getting buffed and nurfed is pointless.
I was championing McCree when he got nurfed I thought his fall off damage was to high [I still think it is] but ive just watched some pro with McCree hitting 90% of his shots. If that was the old McCree before the nurf he would just destroyed the full team.
I think the devs speak here on the forum because the wanna fuel fires in the community and keep milking the cash cow by pretending to listen to every ones concerns. maybe we ll do this or change that etc. what they really mean is we will run it by the pros 1st.
Gotta say i dont necessarily disagree. Changes need to come from the top down but the most recent changes have been fing stupid.
Considering Pros supposedly are the players that know the characters best, I don't think the argument holds water. If you want to know just how much damage a character can do, let a pro run that character for a bit.
You have valid points, and you also don't. It's just blasphemy to say the devs come here to poke fun at us. Appreciate that they are even involved as much as they are on forums because there are devs that don't.

That being said, I do agree that they are going to focus on making the game more enjoyable in the comp scene, especially with OWL. On one hand it sucks cause I'm not that skilled with precision on aiming and so as game play gets tighter the core game gets a bit tougher. On the other hand, it adds a nice balance to the game overall and enhances the game play and makes for some intense battles. I'm a Mercy main and her nerfs drove me crazzyyyyy. But, now that I'm used to her I gotta say she's more enjoyable and challenging.

I do wish they made up for the comp focused changes by giving us casual players a permanent PVE mode.
Don't forget that most of the casual playerbase imitates the pros. For example, everyone complains about dive being the only way to go, even though 90% of players can't play dive properly and would be just as well off with a different strat.

Symmetra might be good at very low ranks, but people will still flame her as a troll pick in bronze because the pros don't use her. Tracer has a sub 50% win-rate in every rank below diamond, but the forum is filled with nerf tracer threads because the pros consider her borderline OP.

If the players pick around the pros, the devs should balance around them too.

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