You have no internet for a week, what games do you play?

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new fallout 4 survival game but with a few rules:

no +dmg to weapons perks, they are just too overpowered

no sneak perks

no VATS in power armor
Grim Dawn.
I would finally get round to finishing Horizon: Zero Dawn, then start one of the games on my pile of shame (Last Guardian, Nioh, Dishonored 2, Nier Automata). Although no internet for an entire week probably means that civilization has fallen, so I would grab my bow and my go bag and head out into the post apocalyptic wasteland in search of water and Twinkies.
Various Command and Conquer games, particularly Generals Zero Hour (with Shockwave mod for good measure).

Also the Deus Ex series.
Batman Arkham Knight
Borderlands 2
Dying Light
Watch dogs 1 & 2
dark souls
Magic the gathering
Watch tv.
I would no doubt die from no internet for a week.
I game share with my brother on Xbox One so I wouldn't be able to play most of my games on there except for the games he owns. I'd probably dust off my OG xbox and play TES III: Morrowind.
So I have been running no internet at home and a few things I have noticed are:

Blizzard games will not work except for sc2 but that shuts down after 6 months. The older games with cds still work cause cds.

Steam will work however you have to set it to offline mode and even then (civ 6, gta 5 eg) some newer games may shut down after sometime. Not all mind you but use your descresion.

Good old games works (website) however just be careful with older games (eg deadlock 2) as they can sometimes have install problems but the website itself is still solid.

Your best bet in the end, for offline in today's game market is either cd copies or however you can find offline gems. Just make sure they are drm free.

Happy gaming.

- cheers
Right now, probably the sims.
I don't. I just cry myself to sleep while snuggling my Dva body pillow.
Draft builds in Minecraft

Last Guardian (PS4)

Lego Star Wars Force Awakens (PS4)

Pokémon Ultra Moon (3DS)

I <3 Hue (iOS)
I'd open up a good RPG like DA:O,ME or Witcher
Hollow Knight, Dark Souls 3.
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Easy, witcher 3 for the 4th time

How on earth did you get passed the Jinn on the ship? I'm stuck there and my previous gamesave was months before that point so it's either I go back and re-do a lot of levels, or find a solution. I just can't seem to damage the smokey Jinn and it seems to kill me with just 2-3 strikes.

Hide behind the pole when the Djinn uses the lightning attack. It also helps if you buy the fleetfoot hability from the attack tree, in the fourth or fifth level you don't take any damage when dodging. Quen is your BEST FRIEND, use always. Igni can hurt the djinn from afar.
Keep trying, you will get the ropes.
I played about four times, already have the platinum once on ps4, now I'm doing the second time on hard, then deathmarch (goty version this time).
Good luck on the path!
Flappy bird
Well, by some stroke of miracle, I seem to have found a cable company in my area which provides speeds up to 300mbps! They're sending a tech on Tuesday to install everything for me!! I think I can survive without Overwatch for a few more days.

It's crazy how dependent we are on the internet these days for so many things, work, fun, communication, news, etc.
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I'd open up a good RPG like DA:O,ME or Witcher

Yup, definitely going to try to finish The Witcher 3 and reinstall Dying Light, which is still the best Zombie survival game I've ever played. Nothing like getting the hairs on the back of the neck to stand up and pay attention like those Dying Light night runs.

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