You have no internet for a week, what games do you play?

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I sit in the corner and cry uncontrollably from withdrawal.
Dark Souls
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Battlefleet Gothic Armada
Neverwinter Nights 2
Civilization V and Everybody's Golf.
LEGO Star Wars the complete saga
Poker, or most any card game.
Lol this is basically my life I never get any time to play OW anymore because my dad shuts off the wifi for long periods of time. feelsbadman.
I still have the PS1 in my room.
02/10/2018 03:54 PMPosted by ComftblyNumb
So let's just say hypothetically you have no internet at home for a week, meaning no Overwatch or online only games, what offline, single player games do you play?

skyrim, metro, minecraft (omegalul)
fallout, ww2 campign
Skyrim/Oblivion, Dishonored, Mark of the Ninja, Deus Ex, Cities Skylines, Recettear, modded minecraft. Etc.
I might actually get Final Fantasy 15 completed. But I'd probably play M:tG with my wife instead.
I fill my pockets with bacon, go to the park and steal people's dogs.
I play Minecraft or PVZ 2. Those are the only offline games I have lol.
skyrim of course
I read a few books.
MTG against my wife all day till she files for a devo
A week no games? Well cleaning, working, and temptation island or movies in the evening.. I live :)
I've been needing to play The Last Guardian for awhile now. Also Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is on the list before KH3 comes out. Still don't understand why Riku now has short hair.. I believe the answer may be in that game xD
Stardew valley. Get dat veggie money.
02/11/2018 01:53 PMPosted by yowzah
Stardew valley. Get dat veggie money.

Omg yes
02/10/2018 03:59 PMPosted by RoboCombat
02/10/2018 03:57 PMPosted by Reaper
A week... without Reaper. No, impossible, even the thought of it fills my body with hatred and fear.

You'll still have your Reaper posters, and t-shirts, and hoodies, and mugs, and funko pops, and statues, and custom controller, and shower curtain, and welcome mat, and plates, and lamp, and coffee table, and nightlight, and yeah..

The reaper nightlight actually makes the area around it darker. It's weird.

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