Mystery Heroes is the Best Game Mode in OW

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This is the simple truth. If you deny it, you are lying to yourself.

That is all.
That's your opinion. I prefer to be in control.
Personally, I prefer Total Mayhem
It's good when I get a team full of tanks and an Ana main.
It sucks when the other team gets it and I don't, though.
It would be a lot better if you didn't lose the entire ult charge upon dying.
It would be with two simple changes.
1. No backfill
2. No duplicate heroes.
Yeah i pretty much stopped playing QP, mystery is just better, you dont face extremely unfair matchmaking every second game there.
02/13/2018 07:51 AMPosted by Crusher55
Personally, I prefer Total Mayhem
I hate it, it’s always one of the permanent modes and I’d much rather play Total Mayhem which didn’t even have a full week as a permanent mode because of the Lunar Event update.
I prefer Total Mayhem, the higher health and shorter cooldowns mean longer fights, and I get to feel like a pro for once.
Its my main gamemode. I almost never play quickplay,just mh and comp. I love it exactly how it is,dumb or hard to break teamcomps are part of the fun.
Any comp can fall quickly with 1 good ultimate.
Mystery heroes is the best, you learn to use all heroes and no toxicity.
Total mayhem is fun because as Roadhog you get 1200 health and your heal and hook is on a 2 second cooldown
You either steamroll or get st
Mystery Heroes main here- the mode with the least toxicity/trolling. I've been amazed at the amount of trolling in the event CTF (Sym builds TP just outside spawn, players afk'ing just outside spawn- in about 50% of games). Total Mayhem is great also.
I think a Mystery Total Mayhem mode is in order
Mystery heroes would be great.

If they made it so if you have 0 healers, 100% next spawn is a healer

And if you have 3 healers, 100% of next spawns are not healer.

Until then it's "gamble to see who wins by RNG".

Extremely frustrating.
One of my favourite modes but they just need to tweak the algo a little.

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