i5 4440, 1070, Low, avg 110-140fps during fights?

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I have a 144hz monitor and would assume that setting everything to Low would give me fantastic frame-rates, but they average around 110-144 in fights depending on the map, # of players at once, and such. I highly doubt it's the GPU, because even lower end graphics cards can get even higher fps, so what's the deal?
Could it be the CPU? I know it's an old 4th gen, but it should still be able to be fine in a lower-demanding title such as this.
Well, I'm no expert, but im p sure youre frame rate is capped at 144 because of your monitor, so look into that?
I had to upgrade my computer because my gtx 770 wasn't kicking out 144 frames consistently lol. What GPU do you have?
Pretty sure that you need to upgrade your cpu
Very possible it's a cpu bottleneck. A kind stranger helped me out with a similar question on reddit. He suggested using MSI Afterburner to see how much each work was being done by cpu, GPU, GPU fans, and RAM and sure enough it was the cpu that was the bottleneck, especially during more intense moments. Your GPU should have no problem rendering the graphics but 144 fps requires much more in cpu power too.
Overwatch is very demanding on the CPU, you will likely need to upgrade that one you have.
Overwatch is more of a CPU based game, i run a i5 4690k with a GTX 770 and i get more than 144fps on every map in fights or not.
1070 should be capable of giving you 180 fps without drops especially on low settings.

Overclocking my i7 3770k from 3.6 to 4.9 gave me 80 fps in overwatch

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