Most Respectable Characters to One Trick?

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I was wondering what everyone thinks is the most respectable hero to one trick. I would say any support as they are all very versatile. Shield tank. Roadhog (since he is independent and can do a lot alone. And then Soilder (same reasons as Road).

I would like to say I do not mind one tricks. They do not bother me, however I of course would rather be on the team with someone who has a backup hero.
basically any tank.. or you know the chosen ones, you know who they are.

People only care if you one trick a support, defense, or Sombra
One tricking is not respectable it's selfish no matter which way you try to spin it
any of the defense heroes except Junkrat (provided you're actually good at them.)
Rein, Orisa, D.Va, Winston or Hog.
One tricking is generally not a positive thing, but a big chunk the community one tricks Tracer/Genji and in game no one minds. Although in the forums in the forums is different, the forums hate Tracer and Genji.

So versatile
Probably one of the better, more versatile tanks. You're unlikely to get enough tank mains for it to be a problem.

Dva is the most obvious pick but Roadhog or Orisa might be ok too. Rein and Winston feel a little too situational for one tricking.
Tracer, Winston, D.Va
Then Zen, McCree and Dva.
D.Va, Tracer, Moira, Zen, and Genji. Anything else and you'll get flamed lmao.
02/08/2018 10:51 AMPosted by Terranguard
any of the defense heroes except Junkrat (provided you're actually good at them.)
Pick bastion and Torb at Plat and above and be ready to be flammed.
None of them. Being flexible is better than one tricking.
You can't be wrong with Zenyatta.
One tricks actually preform better than flex players at their hero. A youtuber went through the stats and figured this out.

If you have a group that you play regularly in, and everybody knows that you're the Reinhardt one-trick and that they aren't going to have to play a shield tank, that actually works out well for a lot of people because then they don't feel the need to play a shield tank if they don't want to, and at the same time, you are more likely to play Reinhardt better than anybody else in the group.

I'm glad not everyone is a one-trick, though. We need a diverse player base to make this game work. :D
02/08/2018 10:58 AMPosted by HanzoMaker
You can't be wrong with Zenyatta.

Only time I disagree with this is if the enemy has a good Sombra farming up EMP super quick.

RIP Shields, RIP Zen.

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