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My rethought collected thoughts are further down on this page pertaining this subject.
I've just read the entire thing and my head hurts, anyone has an aspirine please?

On topic, no, it has never happened in any game, it won't happen in OW, period.
02/10/2018 07:51 AMPosted by chefk85
Its really disheartening to get on Saturday morning and find that the majority of matches if not all contain kids/people who just got into comp and aren't very good at it.

Then don't play comp on weekends. Simple. There's a reason people avoid weekends usually and in higher ranks you'll see certain names not even once during a weekend. Weekend games are rarely good. Even less so than non weekend games.
Tend to plan my matches for 8pm onwards and avoid weekends.

But I’m guessing on US servers with such a difference in time zones that it’s impossible to pick an optimal time.

Tis annoying getting squeakers in the game that cry if they don’t get genji/hanzo ... but sadly it’s probably completely unavoidable.
Ways to ensure that an "under 18" isn't lying on the "are you sure you're of age to enter this mode" screen?

This wouldn't work out as you think since I'm sure you'd be restricted to the "kids only" queue
I’d play in the kids queue just to feel like a god
there's already a kid's comp, it's called silver
Paragraphs save eyes and lives
I'm a kid who plays comp only on weekends and I'm at a higher rank than you.

Maybe work on your own gameplay instead of blaming your teammates, eh?
this got moved to comp discussion instead of outright deleted. lmao
Not to bring in rating but.. 1624 sr =pro comp ? ...... What?? I do not think the problem you seek are the kids nor the casuals :-) But whatever floats your boat!
Man, I'm so sorry for you. I'm sure as soon as kid's comp is implemented, you'll hit top 500 in a week and join an OWL team.
lol pro comp for the silver. I mean, ok....

Also my kid is in diamond. Yeah he is better than me, so yeah...
Ragg Tagg you better be reading this one
There is such a feature in the game. It's called build a team and stomp, stomp, stomp.

I'm actually serious. If you play 7 days a week then you have time to find people to play with in your time bracket who can be on 7 days a week too (maybe 2 teams of 6, so you can rotate). You train together and have set roles and metas. This is how you overcome this.

You could also do it only for the weekend. I believe GamerLink is a good place to start. Slimecide on Youtube keeps mentioning it. You can search for Overwatch players to group with in your bracket. Really cool phone app to have.
The title is misleading, pro comp vs kid comp? You're silver at 1600 SR, you're at the bottom of skill bracket. Those kids you play with? They're just as good as you, so stop whining and making excuses.

I always find it funny when someone gold and below believes they're a serious gamer.
02/10/2018 07:51 AMPosted by chefk85
They lack the necessary skills to contribute to a comp match
That's rich coming from a silver, if anything you sound like the kid to me. They paid the same for the game, so they just as much right to do this "pro comp" you're talking about, not to mention I've met quite a lot of kids in diamond and masters and let me tell you, they were good.

Kindly use your brain next time you write.
The SR system does this.

Also, I didn’t pay money to listen to people complain about their teammates.

I don’t understand grown adults who think it’s worthwile to be a jerk toward others in a video game.
Okay let me start by saying I dont care about paragraphs. I am not a writer as you can see. However let me clarify a few things and ill try my best to make this easy to understand.

1. I dont mean that just kids need this seperate mode. I have kids of my own and am not trying to single them out. Everyone has a right to play the game, but id like to see another mode for the more serious full time players.

2. I understand my skill rating is low. Doesnt mean im not serious about gaming or bad at it. Been gaming for 20 plus years. I dont care if you bash me for being silver. I try hard and do a good job of contributing to my team.

3. I think the most useful bit of information i recieved from the responses were about starting a team. I dont really like the super long wait times but it might be worth it to be able to advance. Coordinating times to play is another challenge ive encountered playing this way. Its the random que that leaves winning completely up to chance.

4. Mandydandy. Love the holier than thou attitude. Thats rich. I probably came off that way too but really im a reasonable person who was in a fit of rage at the time of posting and it shows. Im not daft. Id just rather see some more game development than new skins to push micro transactions for profit. When i said "they lack..." i meant part timers. I too have seen many young players who are amazing. Look at the OWL teams. Kindly remember your own tone next time as well as it comes across as conceited.

5. To close. Id like to apologize for lashing out and also pointing the finger at "kids" when what i should have said was only "part timers". I would like to see overwatch implement more comp modes and like i said maybe one based on hours you play during the week or something. WOW has had a LFR(looking for raid or game in this case) type of comp where you could ask for an invite and they could scrutinize your profile then decide whether or not you were suitable to fill for the team/match. Maybe something like this too could work.

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