Make Symmetra's gun aim like Moira's beam

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02/04/2018 10:14 AMPosted by Mrat13
This. I don't think that'd even be too bad, actually. Increasing skill, while making her more potent (with more range). Am I missing something?

Currently she has 200hp, no mobility and her only ways of preventing damage to herself are attempting to dodge and using photon barrier that moves forward in a straight line so it can be side stepped, walked through etc.

If nothing else in her kit was changed except the difficulty in aiming she would be easier to counter.
You might have noticed a lot of Symmetra players move around a lot while trying to melt people, This is generally an attempt to dodge bullets or at least make it harder to aim at her/survive slightly longer.

I've said in the past that I wouldn't mind having to aim more when the beam isn't attached because I generally aim for my initial lockon anyway, After that I still aim but perhaps to a lesser extent since I'm focused on saying "Die Die Die" and trying to dodge.
I'm definitely not against having to aim more but I just wanted to try to explain why something else might have to change if just her autoaim was changed.
Daily nerf Symmetra thread. Everybody drink!

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02/04/2018 06:01 AMPosted by Jeston
because symmetra is for babys who cannot aim :)

She's a melee who's melee weapon looks like a gun. Should we get rid of Genji, Rein and Winny too? Those guys can hit multiple targets, instead of just one. Maybe you would find her more acceptable if her projector looked like a Kukri, and she could hit multiple targets.
02/04/2018 04:09 AMPosted by Chicken
02/04/2018 04:04 AMPosted by saltycoffee
Sym doesn't need any nerfs. If you made her beam aim more like Moira's, you'd have to compensate by giving it a longer range or something.

I'm not saying nerf symmetra. If you think an aim requirement is a nerf, you're mental. You could compensate the aim requirement by buffing the damage M1 does. But for the love of God, make her have to aim.

Then make Winston and Reinhardt have to aim too.

(No, don't do that. Leave all three of them alone.)
02/04/2018 06:01 AMPosted by Jeston
because symmetra is for babys who cannot aim :)

None of the heroes you play requires aim
I feel like I'm insane seeing someone asking for Symmetra nerfs
02/04/2018 04:03 AMPosted by Chicken
If Blizzard made Symmetra's gun aim like Moira's damage beam I would be more prone to playing Overwatch. I play against Symmetras all the time and I literally feel like I will have an aneurysm when I do. Is she a support in the way that she hard carries her team to victory? I don't get who/what/why anyone at Blizzard thought "Let's make a hero in a first person shooter who has an option on their gun to lock on to someone when they're in close quarters and they don't have to aim." That doesn't sound like the brightest idea in my opinion.

You main, who (since her dps buff) should N E V E R lose to Sym. If you can't shred Sym with's current kit, you should probably stop playing. You also can reset her beam with DM.

Currently Sym has the absolute most hard counters in the game. She has immensely short range and not a lot of health. If you're dying to her repeatedly, you are doing something wrong. Either your aim is bad, you don't have situational awareness, or you are kamikaze-ing a well defended position.

tl;dr The problem is not Sym, the problem is players who don't have solid skills or experience yet.
Let me clarify what changes would make me satisfied with symmetra so you all understand and stop spouting "another nerf symmetra forum" BS:

1. Give the Photon Projector M1 a lock on mechanic similar to Moira's lock on mechanic.
2. Extend the range her Photon Projector M1 does to around 10m-15m
3. Increase the speed of her Photon Projector M2 Energy Balls.
4. Tweak the damage to compensate for the changes (maybe removing the increasing damage over time and leaving it at a set number.)

That's it.
Oh, hey Genji

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