What issue should the OW team be prioritizing rn?

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title says it all: to rephrase, I'm asking what do you guys, the community, think Overwatch should prioritize. Should Mercy changes be top priority? Should fixing competitive be top priority? Should they nerf Roadhog even more before anything else?

What do YOU, the player, think the Overwatch team should be working on right now.
Fixing competitive by making the report system more effective and giving people more of a reason to not throw games.
02/06/2018 02:18 PMPosted by WarmasterCly
Fixing competitive by making the report system more effective and giving people more of a reason to not throw games.

The report system is working well for me. Everyone who harasses me about playing Torbjorn gets banned, it's awesome.
How bout we fix underpowered heroes like sombra and rework 2CP maps?
Hero 27
in order from greatest to least, imo

- Hero balances. (I believe Mercy is fine now)
- Bugs, glitches, Quality assurance
- Matchmaking (remove performance system for all tiers for example)
buffing underpowered heroes like symm reaper mei sombra etc
Honest communication and dialogue with the community.
Clan Features. I need a group to chill with.
I don't know if it's a common problem, but in high plat/low diamond I have encountered so many smurfs that I basically just assume anyone at this rank below level 100 is one at this point, feels like at least 2 in every match.
1. Buffing F-tier heroes.
(They have been underpowered and ignored for too long.)

2. Bug fixing
(There are just too many bugs currently.)

3. Give the report system an overhaul.
(Clearly is the current one not working properly.)

(4. PVE mode)
I'd like to not get suspended due to hero selection, even though its claimed that hero selection is not punishable.
LFG severely reduces toxicity and helps ensure that people can synergize well with their hero pools.
Balance, matchmaking, role que
Balancing and proper match making. Why matchmaking?
Quickplay games are fun...
I'd say bug fixes, then Hero Balance.
Whatever their respective jobs are, because the development team cannot all focus on one single thing at a time.
I really want them to start looking at and fixing heroes in F tier like Sym and Mei asap. It's been so long now and they are still trash. I think it should be top priority to make the whole roster viable
buffing sym, sombra, doomfist, bastion, mei and reaper probably
turning back to what they abandoned two and a half years ago and overhaul the game if needed, in order for people to not treat heroes as avatars, but as dynamic tools.

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