Sombra is ded, lul

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No ult from hacked healthpacks? For just slightly reduced spray and hack time?

Goodbye neverplayed hero who got nerfed for some reason

02/08/2018 01:30 PMPosted by Geoff Goodman
Here are the complete changes (so far) for Sombra that we are looking to test out soon:

* No longer gains ult from health pack healing
* Weapon Spread decreased by 10%
* Hacking speed increased from 0.8s to 0.65s
* Hacking will disable more abilities. Basically any ability that requires a button press will also be disabled. Here is a list:

Genji - Double Jump/Wall Climb
Pharah - Hover Jets
Hanzo - Wall Climb
Lucio - currently running Crossfade song will be disabled
Mercy - Angelic Descent
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You're wrong.. but okay, that's just 1 less person taking my hero. Bye
The reduced spread is already makes a pretty big difference
Net buff - cancelling passives is a HUGE positive difference
They actually made Sombra useful outside of her ultimate so its fair that they nerf how fast she gets it.
With the other buffs, I think it needs to be severely reduced. Not completely removed. And if they could make her come out of stealth a little faster that would be nice. If they did that I would probably feel more okay with the ult gain from packs being gone.
Now she can actually kill things. Maybe we can even call her a DPS now.
I'll be playing her a lot more again, I personally hated how she was an ult bot and refused to touch her until they did something about her.
Weapon Spread decreased by 10%

You know damage = ult gen right?
I took her for a spin, I am a bit concerned she can easily go into the overtuned direction.
It doesn't take THAT long to charge emp off of just doing damage as Sombra (Tho I would love if hacking someone gave like a 5%-10% per hack to Ult Charge)

Instead of charging ult arguably a little faster then Tracer, i'd say it'd charge a LITTLE faster then Soldier's ult.
Lol the best thing that sombra need is not be only a good hero with the ultimate and health pack hacks.

I love the changes.
to be honest though this will make sombra good, but if her kill potential is going to be around Tracer's level ( is it? I haven't played today) then why would you pick tracer over Sombra? Sombra is less mobile but, she has arguably more utility than many supports do.

Or maybe people will just pick both.
This is a great buff for Sombra.
Man it's like bad players literally can only rely on Ults. It amazes me.
They just have to give her a slightly lower charge requirement for her ult IF this turns out to be stupidly crippling for her ult.

I agree with them in moving some of her ult power into midfight power.
Is totally the oposite. She will be very more picked.
You is not a true Sombra player. You don't deserves play her.
It shifts her role from a heavy support by building EMP for the team in no time flat, to a more solid solo DPS . She's still a saboteur role by her design, yet this new change allows her to be a better flanker with the decreased spread and stronger denial of passives. She might be better to 1v1 opponents now instead of waiting to finish off weak opponents.

In other words, she's more true DPS character now. The problem now is that it might make her too powerful considering. Blizzard said they didn't want her to be an assassin role, but these changes might make that happen. It's a big buff for her, but it also means a massive problem for supports. They gotta deal with Tracers and Genjis to no end already, and this makes their roles even harder.
must be a sombra who can't aim. My biggest issue with her was hacking a tracer or even soldier and still losing the 1v1 because you have the crappier gun

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