FPS drops during game, checking scoreboard, options, etc.

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Hello all, first time forum poster here.

As the title suggests, I recently have been having major FPS problems with the game. I drop down 30 or so FPS during team fights, 1v1's that take place up close, and drop around 20 FPS just when I bring up the scoreboard (medal board during game) or access the "options" menu when I hit the escape key. Now, I have never been able to consistently reach 60 FPS in game, because I play on a barely passable laptop, to be honest.

My laptop's dxdiag/specs are in this pastebin - https://pastebin.com/Fh00wQhN

Additionally, all of my in-game settings are set to either "low" or "off" with my render scale being set at 47% (recommended) and FPS cap set at 60 (I have also tried with the cap set at 300 and there is honestly no difference at all, but if any suggestions recommend 300 as the cap I try that).

Pre-Winter Wonderland 2017, I used to get 60 FPS on the hero select screen, and it would drop between 42-49 in game once the match had started. During ults such as Reaper's and Torb's, it would drop to around 35 FPS. This was passable, as I was able to play the game and aim with relative ease still. It wasn't ideal, but I could at least play reliably.

Slowly as the game updated with new events, patches, etc., my FPS has gotten lower and lower. It wasn't terribly noticeable, but when they added the 2017 Winter Wonderland update, that was the straw that broke the camel's back it seems. The game is borderline unplayable. Moira doesn't seem to help, as all the particle effects from her abilities are just constant stress on my game. Are other people having these insane FPS drop issues? I can't play hitscan characters due to the random choppyness that ensues when I drop FPS. I cannot play Widowmaker or Ana because when I scope in, I instantly drop ~25 FPS and it makes being accurate impossible. Any hero that requires up close combat such as Reaper, Genji, Roadhog, Tracer, or Doomfist, for example, I can't play because when I get close to other players, my FPS tanks.

What really is odd to me is that I drop FPS just hitting the Tab key to bring up the scoreboard during a game. Sitting in the spawn room I can be getting like 56 FPS, hit Tab to check the medal screen, and instantly drop down to around 43 or so. As soon as I exit the medal screen, it goes back up to 56 or whatever I was at previously. And that's just in the spawn room before the game starts! Once the game starts and action begins, my base FPS is lower and I will frequently drop below 27 FPS during fights in game. None of these were problems until the Winter Wonderland 2017 event. I know I don't have a beastly PC by any standards at all, and mine is pretty low end, but why this sudden change in performance from the game update?

Before people start suggesting solutions, I have tried everything that is suggested on the forums. I have been trying to self-fix this issue since the Winter Wonderland 2017 update. I have re-installed the game, fiddled with my in-game settings, adjusted my PC's settings, tried different monitors even (I play on a separate monitor, not my laptop's monitor), and when I try to play on my laptop's monitor I get atrocious screen tearing and jittering. Only now have I decided to make a forum post about it because I cannot begin to express how utterly frustrating it is to try to play the game right now. It's especially disheartening because Overwatch is basically the only game I can play right now with my friends that is a "newer" game. I cannot afford to purchase a new laptop or gaming PC right now because I'm a college kid on a super tight budget. I used to have so much fun playing Overwatch with my friends, now it's a chore to play the game at all. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. I love this game and I don't want to have to stop playing it. But it seems like with the new updates for the game, it's making it harder and harder to run on less powerful PCs.

If there are any questions you might need to ask me if you're trying to help, I am of course open to answering them. Please give any suggestions you think may help me. If you're having the same problem, let me know also so we can band together and hopefully get some kind of response to this... I know I can't be the only one with these issues.
Having a similar issue as well. The laptop i play it on and the only thing i can used to run the game in the 50s and been dropping ever for a while now.

Now i haven't been able to play for a few weeks but the last fps i recall is 30-40. However now its dropping to the 20s. this harsh drop is not becoming sicking to the point i might not be able to play anymore.

I would use most of troubleshooting i sadly cannot as this laptop is not mine so i can't exactly go fiddle with things.
I'm having frame drops too but from ~150 down to 90-100. So while not effecting game-play horrifically it is a significant drop I wasn't getting before and it is noticeable.

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