Who do you think will get Legendary Skins in YoTD?

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I am very excited for the YoTD! It's only 3 days away! :D Last year Mei, D.Va, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Winston and Zenyatta all received legendary skins (6 characters) so who do you predict this time will get any? I believe the following will below:

Tracer (She hasn't had one in a while surprisingly so it's possible?)

Genji/Hanzo (I know Japan doesn't celebrate Chinese New Year but they do in fact have a New Year so I can maybe see them getting a kimono skin?)


Mercy (Her parasol emote is the same name as her YoTD spray c:)


Widowmaker (I really loved her YoTD spray's outfit so here's hoping!)

What do you guys think?
I'm quite certain that Genji will get a skin.
Not sure why, I just have that weird feeling.
Maybe because it's been a while since he got a legendary and Hanzo just received one?
02/05/2018 06:45 AMPosted by Morrov555
I'm quite certain that Genji will get a skin.
Not sure why, I just have that weird feeling.
Maybe because it's been a while since he got a legendary and Hanzo just received one?

I was thinking the same thing. I know Hanzo had already received his kabuki skin (It's been proven that it doesn't really matter though as some characters get 2 skins in a row at times), but every time I see the Winter Wonderland's spray's of Genji and Hanzo in kimonos, I can't help feel that it would fit? D.Va's "Palaquin" skin was pretty much from her WW spray so it's maybe possible?

Then again, there was the "Journey to the West" theme last year so I wonder what theme may happen this year? Genji may also get a skin based upon a story c:
Mercy Parasol please
Hopefully there's an awesome skin for Moira.

Currently using the Ornate skin because I don't like her other skins all that much and I do like that one a lot actually, but I also like to switch between skins quite often on my favourite characters as well. And hopefully she'll get her Blackwatch skin for the next "Uprising" event. :)
Orisa, Genji, Moira.

Tracer might, she hasn't had any for awhile.
Genji is pretty much guaranteed a skin at this rate. The last time he got a legendary was back during the anniversary event so he's definitely due for one. I also think Mercy will likely get a legendary, since the last time she got one was during the Summer Games (and of course that emote all but confirms it). Also... maybe a Tracer skin? I know she has an epic-tier skin for this event, but we could possible see a legendary skin? I'm not too sure about that though. Also I'm not sure about a Sombra skin... maybe epic-tier for her, but I doubt legendary.

I can't wait to see what they have in store!! :D
They gave Reaper another skin during the return of the halloween event, so it's possible that D.Va or Mei could get another skin this year (although they both have plenty of good skins so I'm hoping they won't).

Symmetra might get one. India doesn't observe the lunar new year since Hindi has its own calendar, but Maha Shivratri, which is a holiday that honors Lord Shiva, takes place on the 14th... and it's celebrated in India and Nepal. Not saying that they'll give Sym or Zen anything, but it's possible. It'd be neat for Sym to get more stuff that celebrates her culture.

Her Qipao skin from last year is rad though so I won't be too disappointed if she doesn't get one.
Well, I got 3 of my 6 predictions correct :o
If you watch the last developer update, papa Jeff said Mercy and Genji are getting legendarys this year, and in the beginning of the video we can see the new widowmaker skin


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