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go to options and under video, turn "display performance stats" to on.

i have a gtx1060 and uncapped framerate. My temp was running at 83C under running conditions with 140 fps under epic conditions.

-clean the dame dust out of your fans/ cards
-download msi afterburner and manual control fan curve - my fans were running at around 70/80% at around 80C
-lower your framerate cap. just by lowering it my comp cooled down 15 C from 140 to 75.
-replace heat sink on cpu

Whats a good temp?
"replace heat sink on cpu fan" why mine is fine
02/09/2018 10:52 PMPosted by heyyVirus
Whats a good temp?

depends what graphics card you have but ideally 70-80 is fine.
My couzin got to from 81-86° to 70-73° ultra settings with replacing GPU thermal paste and replacing original fans with 120mmX2 fans on a R9 390 (this !@#$ is usually always very hot).
Also temperatures are hot in my country, does not help.

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