Non Hardware or Network related Lagfest

Bug Report
This last update that released has been nothing but a lag fest on the SERVER side. I've been monitoring my FPS and Net Latency and nothing is out of the ordinary when im playing. Every match ive had seems to start stuttering and heroes are skipping around as if im running at 15 fps on a 28.8k bandwidth; but my fps never drops below 48 in the most intense moments and my max is almost 300 fps, my average is roughly 90-128 frames depending on the map. My net latency is always been 40-65 depending on matches and RTT has always been about 65-70 average.

All my other graphic intensive games using max settings like DooM 2016, Wolfenstein II, Wolcen, Prey, etc dont lag or frame drop like this update does in this game. Hell, this game uses more resources than it should for how the quality its representing. The one thing that graphics intensive in here is shaders & the broken physics.

i7 4790K Devils Canyon 4.0GHz Quad-Core
EVGA GTX 980Ti Superclocked 6Gb GDDR5
Kingston HyperX 16 Gb DDR1600
Doing the same thing for me I got same specs except I got a strix 1080

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