What is the most satisfying ult to pull off in the game?

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For me, it's actually Hanzo's dragonarrow. Only if I managed to sneak around to the opposite side of the map and fire. People always expect it instantly, then get back to what they're doing...ticktickticktickDINGDING

And the killcam is just me waving then proceeding to jump off the map to get back to my end quicker.
high noon, because almost every hero in the game can get away from it easily its pretty great when you actually get more than 1-2 people
the perfect pulse bomb that lands a 4k with no setup.
Mercy’s first ultimate, Mega Rez.

Just seeing that 5x Rez-it’s just so satisfying
High Noon, because its so hard to land.
Also a really good Dragonblade.
Mei ult. Narrow corridor, block one side with wall, the other with your iceblock, soon as they start freezing pop out and headshot all the squishies.
Molten Core - Hammer Time

Everyone expects the turret, but no one expects the hammer.
Valkyrie since its such an engaging ult
In my opinion getting a wipe with D.Va's ult during overtime is pretty satisfying.
Coalescence or Valkyrie

Love their versatility, even if they’re not that strong.
Transcendence. See that genii that has been giving you grief all match? Destroy his moment of highest joy, when the taste of play of the game is on his lips, with a perfect zen ult. Bonus points if a grav or Nano were used
Now I haven't played in a long time, but pulling off a massive rez was it for me..
Getting at least two Elims with Barrage and living through it.

The old glory days of wiping the entire enemy team with Self-Destruct.
Definitely Mercy's old Rez. Just getting that rare 5x rez makes you feel like a !@#$%^- hero.
02/12/2018 11:58 AMPosted by Songstrider
Definitely Mercy's old Rez. Just getting that rare 5x rez makes you feel like a !@#$%^- hero.

I have been playing since open beta and I never got a 5man. And I had at least two oppertunities if I had the reflexes of a superhero. ;w;
It used to be pulling off a 5 man res for me...but those days are long gone.
Self-destruct. When I get 3 or more kills with it, I'm quite happy.
It's quite easy to get away from it most of the time.

I've never gotten a great ult with McCree.So I'll be quite satisfied if I ever get 3 or more kills with that.

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