Cross Console Ideas!

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These are just a couple ideas, feel free to add more!

1. Competitive is not cross console
2. A little menu in settings or somewhere else to enable/disable going cross console

So far that's all that has come up in my head. I would really love this to be added in Overwatch to play this amazing game with my friends who don't have a PC.
When PCs and consoles got together on the same multiplayer servers in other games, it's usually a bloodbath against the console gamers. I mean, you have an entire large population of M+KB users, some of which have better hardware across the board than any console can provide, going up against controller players? Yikes.
You want something added on console? Hopefully they will implement it in the next 2 years.
It's usually a sony/ms thing that prevents it.
I think he means crossplay between xbox and ps4
There's two reasons this won't work.

The first is that Keyboard/Mouse users will slaughter controller users since the former is far more sensitive and precise.

The other is that Sony often doesn't want to play nice with Microsoft when it comes to cross-platform gaming.

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