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* Weapon Spread decreased by 10%
The spread feels really nice.
I can actually duel other dps heroes consistently. On top of that, I actually melt down unaware enemies if I can get a good angle. Is it intended? Is Sombra turning into more of an assassin I wonder?

* Hacking speed increased from 0.8s to 0.65s
Faster hacking feels good.
I can hack more consistently. Sometimes it even feels like "unfair" a little too much. My opponent doesn't even seem to be able to notice it. Honestly .8 seconds casting time was fine and fair. The fact even dva's 1 damage bullet being able to cancel it was frustrating.

* No longer gains ult from health pack healing
This one feels hell awful. I can understand if the change applied only to my teammates. Big part of Sombra gameplay is being a distraction. I teleport back and forth between opponent's backline and healthkit to create space for my team. And while doing so I gained value by healing myself. Now it is gone, I need to fill the absence of ult gain by dealing more damage. But firing gun all the time trying desperately to gain ultimate charge feels stupid. There is no "stealth" I am basically some other interpretation of Tracer now. I need to be keep firing my gun like a maniac just to provide enough EMP for my team to advance forward.

The worst part of it is that because I am doing so much damage to enemy tanks to farm my EMP without killing them. Enemy supports seem to have so much ultimate because of me.

By doing so much damage without actually killing anyone, I am actually hindering my team by feeding ultimate charge to enemy team.
The healthpack thing needs to go, reduce the gain ult from it by all means, since it's charging up way too fast. But do not take it away, that makes no sense.

As bluebug mentioned, "poke" damage that doesn't result in kills only charges healer's ultimates quicker.
Maybe they don’t want her targeting tanks as much. With the tighter spread it’s easier to kill soft targets, right? Feels like they want more of her contribution to come from her DPS, specifically on soft targets.

How is her ult charge compared to other Heroes now? Personally I feel like her ult should build relatively slow like Zarya, but maybe I’m overestimating the power of Emp?
I'd be fine with her ult building slower if they kept the health packs thing. Maybe like a 30% increase to it so isn't so much a build emp before every team fight kinda ult. They could also slightly reduce the tome it takes to get emp as no matter how much dosing you are doing you won’t be getting it nearly as fast as health pack farming. As it stands right now, hacked health packs don’t benefit the team much anymore cause that’s ult charge you could be giving to your healers.
is this live on accident? or going to ptr?
Playing Sombra to only charge her ultimate is an awful style of game play. Why would any hero be any fun if its main purpose is charging the ultimate ability, while the rest of the abilities are useless?

She is a light assassin (killing un-noticing 200hp heroes), and support to the team by using her hack ability.

The new changes are very good, and hope we see more of her in lower leagues as well, not just to counter another Sombra to disallow her from hacking your healthpacks in 2-cp maps, on the 2nd cp.
She didn't need any nerfs alongside her buffs
The healthpack change feels awful indeed. Your just a worse version of tracer ATM since you need to fight twice the time you did before to charge your EMP.
I love the changes to Sombra now, but I’m getting it maybe 4 times a match compared to when I am on Genji or Roadhog where I get my ult about 8 times a match.
02/08/2018 08:35 PMPosted by Lenlac
is this live on accident? or going to ptr?

The part that went live was live on accident.
I think they should bring back the health pack ult charge, but make the amount given less. This ability was central to Sombra's persona as a hacker and I feel like taking this away takes a part of who she is away from the game.

At lower levels her gaining ult charge isn't a big deal because few people can actually utilize her EMP correctly anyway. At higher levels it sounds like she is being forced to dps more than sneak around and do what Sombras like to do: Appear, kill, disappear.

Nerf the charge amount; don't nerf who she is.
A successful hack should give 5-10% ult-charge just to differentiate her from other damage dealers.

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