why is this allowed and everything else isnt?

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lock everything except a s d w and space with the flag. otherwise it just gets stupid
Because if Blizzard would care MM would be good, trolls/griefers banned, Bug fixed and they would think about balancing a game mode they had one year to prepare for ...
Sudden death is even worse, flags are so close that if you roll all togheter to the flag, let lucio pick it, enemy team wont even have a chance to kill it before he scores.
Agreed. Lucio in CTF needs a huge nerf.

We were just in a match, our base had torbs turret and was full of symms turrets.
I was sym.
Lucio came, pick up the flag with max speed. The turrets slowed him a little but almost not enought, he was out before dying from all the turrets and I couldn't reach him.

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