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... for 3 days already! In every game I have freezes (on killcam looks like I just stop moving), though other players move normally when it happens and then I get kicked. Like literally get kicked from every game through these weekends. My internet is fine on all other devices, and on ps4 as well actually. I tried all reboots, reinstalling game, both LAN and wifi and still nothing...

Speed on LAN is about 40 both ways, ping 20 rtt 40, so seems totally normal.

Here you have the screenshots from Looking Glass:

Guys please check it, I feel very bad for not killing people for such long!
Howdy! LC-202 is a general disconnect error, it means your connection to our servers has been lost. Your ping test failed which could be a sign of packet loss. The LookingGlass report can be helpful but some times the path from the server to you isn't the same as you to the server. This test also has a hard time picking up home issues like unstable Wifi or router problems. Your overall issue sounds like packet loss as you are being desynced from the game before being disconnected. This can occur from the PS4 to the router or beyond such as ISP chain. I'd recommend to review the following steps:

Step 1) Power cycle the connection to refresh the overall connection to all the devices in your home and to your Internet Service Provider(ISP). Note: During the Power Cycle make sure to shut down the console and unplug it from the wall this will clear the console's cache at the same time. Steps on how to complete the Power Cycle can be found Here.

Step 2) Your connection to your router is very important. From a settings stand point we do want to ensure of the following:
- NAT settings are set to “Open”
- Ports are all forwarded at the router level for the game and console.
We do not directly support routers as there are just too many in the world to offer general steps for. We do use a third-party site that does a great job at helping our community with these steps, here is a direct link to their Overwatch Console article which covers the topics above:

Note: If you need help with port forwarding on your router you can contact the provider of the router device itself. If provided by your ISP they will support helping with this, if the device was purchased the manufacturer can assist.

Step 3) Overwatch has a high tick rate along with requiring a stable connection. We do recommend if possible to go wired and during troubleshooting try to stay wired.

Retest. If the issue continues it would be best to speak with your Internet Service Provider about troubleshooting the home connection and (If you are stuck on Wifi), troubleshoot the home's wifi strength to the device is stable.

Thank you!
Alright. It revealed that my provider changed my ipv4 to ipv6 and Overwatch does not support it. So now everything is fine, they changed it back. I'm in Barcelona and my provider is Orange, in case if someone will find this tread googling about the same issue.

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