High CPU usage for ~3min after i start the game

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Last March i bought an RX 480, and around that time my question was, is my CPU (i5 3450) will CPU bound my new GPU? My conclusion was, that CPU will be enough to feed the GPU. This is mooostly true, i don't have any major issue, but one thing for sure, with OW, my CPU is on the edge.

So how did i noticed that my my GPU is CPU bound in OW? It's pretty simple, if anything runs in the background i'm losing frames like mad.

Roughly 5 months ago i noticed something. If i start up OW, and i jump into the game right away, i have TERRIBLE FPS. 1080p, low settings, max 142hz, and the game is unplayable for a few minutes. So i started an investigation.


So, if you start up OW, the game will do something CPU intensive in the background for roughly 3 minutes.

To demonstrate this, i start up the game, jumped into training mode where i usually have 200+ fps, but right after the startup my fps is jumping between 90-160 (the graph not shows the 90 fps, it's normalized). But after ~3minutes OW stops that CPU intensive operation, and my FPS goes back to normal.

This happens even if you are idling in the Main Menu:


I checked the game with Procmon, and i didn't noticed anything interesting. I'm interested if someone can confirm this. On my machine i can reproduce all the time, this is not unique, also i had a Win10 reinstall (not because of this).

Battle.net is closed right after i start OW. The game is on a pretty fast SSD.
I have the exact same issue. I'm running an i3-4160 with R9 290. The game stutters a lot after launch for a few minutes with CPU load on 100%. It's showing about 30-50 fps even with the stutter, but it's feels more like 10 when I join a game right away.
Playing on low details in 1080p.

After those few minutes, everything runs smoothly and I average about 60-80 fps.

This began with the Blizzard world update iirc.
Same here, started happening recently
i5 760 @4GHz
RX 470 4GB
Rx 580
i7 4790k

i think it might just be amd drivers being weird, thankfully the game is playable after about a min or so
Same issue since Blizzard world, seems like it has to be a driver issue for amd like Bubbles said.

R9 390
i7 6700k

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