New CTF: Better or worse than old CTF? (Poll)

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I see a lot of people complaining about the changes, and also a lot of people saying they like it better. I want to know which camp is bigger.
pretty one sided so far.
It’s worse because of the map pool. They shrunk it dramatically and I am upset by that
There are no draws. That alone makes the new one better by default.
I'd say it's improved for the better, imho. However, the time spent carrying the flag should be looked into. I hate having a team keep and hold the flag for far longer than what's necessary, be it the enemy team or my own X(
You should make a bigger poll for better sample.

- Do you prefer old flag timer or new
- Do you like the new no draw mechanic
- Would you want more ability disabled while carrying the flag and if so which one(s)
Better, still not ready for prime time tho..
I'm finding it to be very turtle-ish still though. Both teams sit on their flags and not much happens apart from quick skirmishes. I thought this new system was supposed to make it less like this.
It’s better, but I still don’t enjoy all that much.
The old system sucked IMO, but one thing that was good about it was niche defence heroes actually being useful. This new system is just a quad tank snorefest.
Old was way better. It wasn't just genji and lucio stealing the flag and getting away because they can still use moment abilities
Yeah they need to fix Lucio's aoe speed boost.

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