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All these complaining threads about Moira are making me sad..
Moira 'mains' come forth, let us celebrate the joy that is Moira!

A week back I was in a comp game with a few good buddies of mine and we were having quite the blast. One guy being Mercy, the other one being Roadhog. I myself have been playing McCree quite a lot. Skip forward a few matches, we encountered a 4-stack with one guy being that transgender piece of sh*t ugly !@#$ Irish 'woman' named Moira. I couldn't possibly express how much I hated Moira. From her stupid balls to the 'succ'-ray, everything about her was so damn annoying and I hated her for being able to outplay my McCree 'skillzz'. I got outplayed by, guess who, the Moira and I tilted really f*cking hard, almost breaking a mug in the process. Next day I came back online, recovered from my Moira PTSD. I thought by myself, why not become that person you hated for so long? I got all of my friends together and I picked Moira for one of the first times since her launch. The game lasted around 8 minutes with me having four out of five gold medals accopanied by a PoTG. Needless to say, I felt like a massive douchebag but it was also one of the best feelings I've had since playing Overwatch. Being able to 'rek' a complete enemy team while they didn't even try to counter me just felt so incredibly good. Next match I insta-locked Moira and repeated the above mentioned. Thee golden medals and again, PoTG. My friends lost their *!@#e and said ''Jink, looks like you found your main at long last!''
"Oh yes, I have''

I literally haven't had this much fun playing Overwatch before discovering Moira.
I agree, she is 'easy (?)' but at the same time you really need to know your positioning to get the best out of her. Also killing Genji at long last feels so satisfying.. Seeing him reflect with no avail makes me look like a little schoolgirl giggling all over the place.

Thank you Jeff & Co. for giving me the fun I have missed in so long.

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