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So after playing a couple of matches in this season 8, i've seen that my SR (im over daimond and roughly playing around 3300) only seems to go down after matches.
The problem is whenever i win i will gain 25 for example. then i will loose a fight, and i will loose 25. Then i win a game again, and gain 24 sr. but here is the thing, then i will loose a game, and loose 25 sr, that means i've gone 1 sr down in total. This theme has been going on for a long time now, and i am generally just going down the !@#$ hole, even if i only win, loose, win, loose and so on.

I don't know if this is intensional, but it's just bringing me down, even if i have a steady win/loss ratio on 50%.
Two things:

1: diamond and up get scored only for winning and losing, and not for "style points."

2: the higher you go in SR, the fewer points you'll win for a victory.

Both of these are indeed intentional and new with season 8.
Performance based SR was removed above 3k in an attempt to curve the one trick problem which of course won't work if someone can only play one thing effectively they have to play it regardless otherwise their SR will tank.

Since they have removed performance based SR you no longer have the safety net of being good to modify gain or lose of SR to fall back on so while everyone on the forums claims rank is random and controlled by luck of the teammates you get above 3k it truly is.

I just hope this system stays above me.
As others have said its based on wins and losses only in diamond and above. But not all maps are equal in terms of points and depending on what you were doing on certain maps will also slightly affect it, such as a win on defending vs a loss on defending.
That'd be how things are. Wait til you get under diamond. That 25 will become 30-40 SR. You are lucky to not be worse off.
What people don't get about performance-based SR is that it has a lot more to do with teamwork than it seems. When your performance with 76 is being compared to "other 76 players at your SR," that includes the ones who are being shielded, pocket healed, nanoboosted, and speed-boosted too. You might be really really good, but you'd be even better if you had support.

The problem with individual performance is that it has nothing to do with winning games. What counts is moving/stopping the payload and attacking/defending the point. It doesn't matter if you do it with 40 elims or with none. So you could have one tank and one healer riding the payload while the rest of your team is God-knows-where having sniper duels or booping each other off the map, and when it's all over the players who were trying to win but got wasted 30 times will take the biggest hit because they "didn't do as well" as the 76 who got 8k damage.

It's also completely unreliable. My biggest gain in S8 was 40 points for winning a 6v2, and I spent a round and a half wallriding and doing emotes. I also hit a career high with Mercy and had zero deaths this season and got something like 14 points for that win. Maybe my best Mercy game ever isn't as good as the best Mercy in my SR... but it should at least be better than I usually get playing her, shouldn't it?

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