Who was your favorite healer at launch? (poll)

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Genuinely curious. At launch the healers were pretty different. I’ll make two polls: One for then, and one for now.

Launch: https://strawpoll.com/85dpyhgs

Now: https://strawpoll.com/ew8r1xb2
When I got the game: Lucio
Now: Moira

Still like Lucio though
02/12/2018 06:51 PMPosted by RED
When I got the game: Lucio
Now: Moira

Still like Lucio though
Well, now I don't need to comment.

but I will anyway just to bump the thread.

Despite being a Mercy main on an alternate account, I uh, I was never fond of resurrect. Ever. Just, no. At launch, I liked the appeal of Mercy, but Lucio's positive attitude and his extreme mobility were amazing to me.

Mercy is fun currently, but I got into sniping due to letting my older brother share my support account and I recommended Ana since he loved Widow (but was terrible at her). He picked up Moira, I picked up Ana again who I hadn't touched since her nerf.

Ana is definitely my favorite, just wish she had some mobility or way of reaching High-Ground. Barriers wouldn't be such a problem if we had high-ground and could shoot over them.

I'm not as young as I used to be.
Mercy or Symmetra.

I've completely dropped Symmetra since a few months after launch, but I've consistently come back to Mercy because of how smooth and fun her kit is to me. I also think this is the best and fairest iteration of Mercy yet.
Lucio by a long shot;)
Was and is Lucio.
Why is 76 not an option?
Mercy at Launch, Moira now

I'd like to list some of my favorites for just a bit

Symmetra, who was made worst on console
Mercy 1.0
Defensive D. Va just prior to her disaster buff and subsequent nerf/rework

I feel like Sombra's gonna get overbuffed and then reworked soon, and that Moira is gonna get nerfed. I just have really bad luck with heroes.
Mercy then, Mercy now.

I <3 Mercy
Where are all these Anas coming from? Everyone seems so scared of her difficulty, I didn't think she would be the favorite.

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