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Hello, I am using my main account currently which is around 2200 but peaked at 2500. However when I made an alt account the season before, I placed it low diamond and climbed it to 3200, maintaining that rank for the rest of the season until I decayed. In diamond, I just felt as though the quality of the teams were just better and more on the same page. In gold, the very few wins I get are normally due to the fact that the other team is dealing with the problem I usually deal with: Mechanically and mentally unskilled players (bad hero picks, no team chat, terrible positioning and ults, not understanding basic callouts such as “mega” or “mini”, etc.). I just don’t understand how if I maintained the rank I feel as though I belong at on an alt, that I don’t belong at that rank. I’m mainly a tank player (Winston, Orisa, Rein) Feel free to reason and disagree with me calmly if you want. However, don’t be some egotistical GM player with no point just blatantly saying “You’re terrible”. Thanks.
I understand. In s7 I got stuck in plat around 2700 Sr, even though in s6 I was able to maintain at 3300.

It took me a while but I eventually ranked up, and now I'm masters.
There can be multiple equilibriums. Just because you can stay steady at a level if placed there, doesn't mean you can climb there. This is because initial placement is based largely on your first five quick play games, and moving from that value requires some serious win/loss percentages sustained over many, many games which is fairly improbable when considering how many variables are outside your control (only 1 of 12 players), which creates a normalizing effect at all levels.
Certain heroes can be played quite passively and still be effective at a wide variety of ranks, so if that's what's happening maybe try to differentiate yourself by making smart plays (while still staying alive)?
Usually communication/coordination is a bit lacking for me to get huge value out of certain heroes in comp. When I play main tank I usually go orisa because I know how to create space, make plays with her, and get my team to work with me so that I'm not just talking to myself. When I play Winston I rarely get my team to work with me very well (and struggle to work well with my team) largely because his kit just creates a ton of space for his team but puts him at a lot more risk than a shield tank. It's possible that you have similar problems as Winston in low-mid gold with communication and teamwork making what should be good plays into bad ones because you expected someone to do something that they didn't.

I think the best advice I can offer is for you to continue to improve your Winston and play other tanks when you think your team is a problem.

Play significantly better than the enemy tanks and you will win most games.

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