Matchmaker should consider individual hero performance

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Hero experience and proficiency aren't taken into account when the matchmaker assembles teams, and this is a big problem. We might have a single SR/MMR score but the unfortunate fact is we don't play all heroes at the same level.

BTC does a great job of summing up the biggest issue in matchmaking (go to 2:18)

I don't quite agree with his proposed solution as it seems too complex for this game and would require overhauling the player experience.

What I think instead should happen is, when the system is putting a team together it looks at the heroes each player can play at or near their level. It then filters out problematic team compositions based on this and doesn't let them form in the first place. The matchmaker system needs to ask itself one simple question before it commits players to a match, "Can these guys put together a workable team?"

Is it about to put 2 Mercy one-tricks in a team? NOPE, pull one out and swap in someone else. 5 DPS-only players? Pull 3 of them out and put them back into the pool. (You could at least swap them for one of those Mercy one-tricks from the other game!)

Tired of playing your hero, want to switch and don't want the system to assume you're permanently a D.Va main? Play alternate heroes in quickplay and improve your stats on them. Then when you queue up for a competitive game, the system knows you're good on heroes X, Y and Z, and takes all of them into consideration when it puts teams together.
i agree matchmaking is broken as all hell. I think they need to score on a more individual basis. The problem i see with your idea is the human aspect. whats to stop someone from just playing what they want in a comp match instead of leveling there skill up in quickplay first? A good example is, How often are you in a game and someone clearly is not good at what they are playing but wont switch? I would love to see an option to OPT OUT of games that will have grouped people in it. All in all its a complex problem with no perfect solution the best way to avoid matchmaking issues would to be find a team to play with which can be a pain for people like me that cant play all the time.
I think, it should be allowed to dodge a match in ranked during hero select up until 30 seconds into the game, if people pick crap that will not form a workable team.
Often times, you see the comp, try to discuss problems and end up having to play with that bad comp. Feels not great.

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