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Hi everyone,

In today’s patch we fixed a bug that allowed players to create infinite bots in custom games. We recognize that people were having fun with the exploit but it caused server instability and negatively impacted other players which is why we have removed it.

We really want to bring functionality like this to Overwatch and we’re doing research now into how we can support these custom game settings. We’re regularly amazed by the level of creativity put on display via your own game modes, and we want to continue supporting it.
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Thanks for this update!
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It was fun while it lasted. Let's hope we get this one day, because horde modes would be amazing.
Nice. Now arriving at 100 bots in a custom game. It would be so fun to do this, especially in consoles considering we couldn’t replicate that bug.
Please bring it back!
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Thanks other Jeff, also could we get more kinds of AI bots like Pharah, Tracer, Mercy, Orisa, etc?
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official 12 v 12 please, especially with CTF
This was by far the most fun I've had since I still had friends who played this game. It's nice to see that it will be back soon.

Also, since the bots usually wait for others to spawn, a game like this could make a really good MvM style defense mode.
even if 12v12 was only available in custom games it would still be amazing
12 v 12 is the dream, for sure. Can't wait for it to be a reality! :D
We understand.
I came to the forums hoping to find a post like this. Glad to see that you guys at blizz saw the potential in the glitch, just like the rest of us!
I'm just impressed the engine was able to handle that many characters without exploding. Shows some amazing work on the dev side.
Excellent update, thanks for the good news.

If a player could "donate" (host for lack of a better term) CPU/GPU time for compute intesive operations we would be more than happy to I'm sure.

Also: Lua.



If you could be so kind as to give us a sticky or subforum for Custom Game mode and suggested improvements that would be great.

I think people have a lot of good ideas but it demoralizes people to see their awesome custom game mode idea sink instantly.
Boy was I shocked yesterday when I queued into a game called “flyswatter” that was just 6 player controlled Reinhardts and about 50x 200% speed lucios running around li jiang
Now I want to see a video of the infini-bots.

But probably a good idea to bug-fix it.

Thanks for the update!
oooh glad you are looking into this :)
This glitch is the most fun I have had in OW ever, and I hope there is a legit way to implement this into the game without the glitch. What happened is I joined a game called "reclaim hanamura" and it was basically 50 hard bastions vs. 6 players, who all had 1 sec cool downs, and 200% ult charge rate. We won half the games, and lost half. Ults like Hanzo's dragons Mcree's deadeye and Genji's blade were so much fun because you just cut through the entire enemy team. I hope the devs see the fun in this, and it can be added to the game as a feature.
nope/ the bots also used for practice.
1. they need more complex moving
2. when "practing" with bots. exp earn needed to more practice.
Thank you, Jeff 2.0.

I do have a question, though. but by....

02/08/2018 12:30 PMPosted by Jeff Brill
We really want to bring functionality like this to Overwatch and we’re doing research now into how we can support these custom game settings.

Do you mean the ability for us to make modes similar to Uprising/Junkenstein's?

I'm lead to believe so, but I suppose you've already shared all the details you can at this time...

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