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I really hope this happens because it was super fun!
24 v 24 Hanamura
You guys considering fixing Genji's dash teleport or deflect not actually doing anything?
There's already a work around ;))))))))
I'm saying nothing, nobody's leaked it yet and it'll stay that way.
24v24 etc is the only fun thing left in this game, I'm not letting it get patched away on Tuesday.
Maybe we'll have this in 2038, seeing how this is Blizzard's game that we're talking about.
Maybe we could replace it with some sort of PvE game mode? ;)
02/08/2018 12:47 PMPosted by Hanjo
Thanks other Jeff, also could we get more kinds of AI bots like Pharah, Tracer, Mercy, Orisa, etc?

Please give use at least a bot in training mode that flies, at the moment there isn't a way to improve your skills against a Pharah other than getting pummeled in online matches.
We recognize that people were having fun with the exploit [...] We really want to bring functionality like this to Overwatch

This is music to my ears. I've almost never played custom games before this glitch blew up, then suddenly I couldn't get enough of it. Playing attack on King's Row with a zillion Bastion bots on the defending team is some of the most fun I've ever had in Overwatch. I'm so glad the dev team recognizes the joy it brought a lot of players and are willing to embrace that and implement it in a non-glitch way.
Please add more settings!
02/08/2018 01:49 PMPosted by momo
Boy was I shocked yesterday when I queued into a game called “flyswatter” that was just 6 player controlled Reinhardts and about 50x 200% speed lucios running around li jiang

What!!?? This is a game mode???? I need to check out custom games more often.

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