Arcade loot box reset timer not showing up

Bug Report
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Same problem here. I hope it's just some bug and it won't affect lootbox reset
Wow, what !@#$ is this. How can they just ignore all these complaints. oh, that's right, the same thing happened with Mercy. I guess when you get this popular you stop listening to the fan base.
Same issue
Same here
mine just says "resets in" but that's it? It should have reset by now.
I popped my forum cherry for this
Same issue here, Just blank space
Same here,can the devs actually do something and stop ignoring us please?
I'm Having this issue and i feel like it usually would've reset by now.
same today
So any updates?
Same thing happen to me on ps4 it says resets in and no time underneath I hope they fix it please blizzard developers ?
Yeah this is happening as well, no indication to the reset day countdown.
Just noticed this myself. Wonder if it's related to it not showing I'd get a box for the first win of CTF: Ayutthaya Only.
Same here. Damn you evil Jeff!
Do not reset the counter of victories in arcade mode.
Same, hope it will be fixed soon.
Same for me, I wonder if the 3 arcade loot boxes will still be unlocked...should be by tomorrow for me.

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