London v Exc

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Grats London, huge effort. Well deserved.
Yep huge effort very nice to see them win.
Why did NYXL swap in Janus? As soon as he started playing New York lost all their matches. Can't believe nobody noticed this. Well deserved loss NYXL. Even though I was rooting for them. They just decided they didn't want to win.
Great matches across the board today, and this was an excellent nightcap to the long day. Birdring was on fire those last few matches.
Yeah there were alot of great matches today. Sucks that NYXL didn't win the playoff match but they won the match that mattered. Congrats to London for taking the playoffs though!
I’m really proud of London for sticking to it and turning around the game. Could you imagine playing 14 high stake maps in one day? Intense.
Mano can't carry from the dugout LUL

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