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I have been playing Overwatch alot for the last 2 months earning a star around my portrait border every 1 to 2 weeks and i have been living in my own personal ELO Hell, yes thats right ELO HELL i found it and it is real, i Climb when i have a 50/50 win/loss (losing very few SR points for a loss) and i climb alot when i win but my disconnects have been too frequent countering my SR climb, if i disconnect and loose 50SR 2 times in a day or night i just stop playing comp because i dont want to further kill my SR or hurt my friends SR that are in games with me due to an unpredictable Packet Loss issue. i do everything i can to rejoin the match as fast as i can because i play until the match is finished.
i just have been having bad luck recently of packet loss randomly before a match starts when you are locked in and getting kicked.

I have a solution to early match disconnects PAUSE THE MATCH if it hasnt started yet 10 seconds for a connection hiccup just isnt right, even in the short window of 10 seconds you could reconnect to the match it still cancels it and suspends your account from comp and you loose 50SR I am in ELO Hell Beacuse of Disconnects and i have been switching internet providers im about to move to a different location over internet connection BS.

another point towards the players that were on your team for the game that is in progress that does not get canceled that finishes without you they should not have as much SR taken away for a loss because of a 5v6.

i have been in group Comp searching while in Skirmish and had a disconnect during the skirmish on my end i got the Overwatch Lost Connection to Game Server and when i got back i lost 50 SR to a game i wasnt in or even knew started. it found a match for the group i was in during my disconnect. same thing happened to me while searching comp in solo que when i had a random video driver crash.

its not every game or about all the players im matched with but IT IS outside sources of the game like bad luck or the things that i have no control over. The biggest cause of my problem is My Internet Provider. I have been blessed with low ping/latency of 24ms for almost every match due to my location and being on a land line with a cable modem and running wired gigabit Ethernet connections to my pc, but my internet provider is so bad that i get alot of packet loss over network connection to the game. my internet speed is FAST 130mb downstream and 30mb upstream but it is not stable, many short outages per day/night pretty bad stability for a land line.

my internet options are limited, only 1 cable provider in my neighborhood, Fiber is not an option because the cable provider bought out the rights to my neighborhood so there is no competition from other providers in my area the can enter my neighborhood with other services.
Doesn't really matter. Blizzard has utterly refused to do anything about disconnectors/leavers that ruin this game.
i just want the game to wait longer during hero select if a player disconnects before the match starts instead of suspending them and taking 50SR, if someone rage quits/leaves the game and does not comeback then yes they should loose 50 SR, but for trying to get back into a game that recently started or is about to start canceling the match immediately does not seem right there needs to be a window of time to rejoin.

pro players get a break or a rematch for technical difficulties, i know its a different playing field but there needs to be some kind of fairness for outside causes. something like a 1 minute window to rejoin or cancel the match.
happened again today but wasnt internet, game crashed at start of match in hero select, that annoying windows error sound and the game frozen. i managed to restart the game before the end of the 10 second timer still suspended and lost SR.

if the match is paused before the start or if the player comes back the match should not be canceled. it will still prevent queue dodgers.

i should not be punished for reconnecting to a game in hero select.

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