Elo Hell Mentality

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Here's the main thing driving this elo hell mentality

Low mechanics/gamesense players watch streams/highlights and think they can easily replicate the same thing in those videos because it looks so "flawless".

They themselves then confuse ingame adrenaline, which is how much they perceive that they're doing ingame, with those highlights and high level players.

However, they could just be ecstatically shooting at shields, inputting alot of spam, or firing blanks at the air but due to how fast the game it's perceived to be, they think they're doing alot when they really aren't.

Therefore, they erroneously think that THEY are doing alot and that their TEAMMATES are not, when in reality all 6 players on the team are performing poorly.

The only way their gameplays can be evaluated is if someone else reviewed them and went over their mistakes with them and taught them how to get better (a coach), but instead of that, they come on the forums to complain about how bad their teammates are and how the matchmaker is rigging the game against them when they're doing so much.

Every player that's actually posted their gameplay in low elo have been proven that they belong in that elo, anywhere from Zens that think they're doing alot by spamming missed shots to Mercies that keep the beam on tanks when they're full HP while completely neglecting other players, their abilities, and positioning.

If you LEGITIMATELY think you're in elo hell and think that you belong at a higher elo, SUBMIT YOUR GAMEPLAY and let someone who actually knows what they're talking about evaluate it. Otherwise, you're simply someone in class who made an F on the test who THINKS you've made an A.
"But bruh, I watch a lot of frag videos"

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