How's this Comp season going for you?

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I was 10 SR from gold and I'm now at 18-something. I guess the infallible system got to me and has decided I'm not gold.
4 days ago i was 3244.
now i am 2920 or something.

pretty much sums it up.
This is my first comp season....
It seems to make no sense, wacky as funk sticks I must say.

You win but play neutral role fewer medals, but make some key plays ( not POTG but still prime moments)and gain minimal. Things like KD ratio and assists seem to not exist, or if they do they're in some wacky new age wording and not view-able unless you're one of the nominated players at the end of game.
You lose but get play of the game and multi golds and a silver in there and you lose more than the wins ever gain you. and for all the time a comp match can consume.

Nothing makes sense.

How do you progress out of bronze without a team, nobody talks and plays whatever they want so you just lose more than you can ever gain with a win because you end up playing whatever character to try and complete the team comp, just so you can maybe win and get fewer medals so you gain nothing. Its such a horrible design.

As far as I can tell there's no such thing as a 'carry'. Having a higher SR player in the mix means nothing without players that communicate.

Maybe Comp should require a MIC? that'd be great.
Because that's kind of part of the definition of competitive gaming.

100% trash.

comp is not playable anymore unless you have countless hours to grind every day
Every season there's a new post starting off by saying "I think this season is the worst of them all". The reality is this game (competitive wise) is TRASH! It's way too inconsistent. I don't need to list the next 10-15 things on how broken the system is so do yourself a favor and uninstall or simply take a break from OW.

If you want to play a competitive shooter than download Battalion 1944 it's already starting to get recognized and a lot of ex-professional players from OW, COD and CS:GO have migrated over to this game.
i went from 1700 to 2300, so so far so good. chilled season, if I leave chat and block everyone on my team. I think i solved comp.
i play my placement with 2 of my friends and every time im silver and the other 2 gold and higher.WTF is this system.Every season i clomb up to gold and then the same thing again and again im sick of this.......
Same as always !@#$ty
It's been up and down for me. I started out really good but then went on a 7 game losing streak and kept a low win rate for a few weeks. These past week I have been winning more and ranking up. Not too far from hitting diamond for a second time.

I did make changes to how I play and my mental state as well. I accept the fact that I will lose games due to many reasons good and bad so I avoid tilt. Also I am getting more into tanking and it has been getting me great results.

Hopefully I can hit diamond before the season ends. Just need to keep winning more.
So far great, wasn't gonna do even placements, but QP got a bit stale so started S8 just on Friday. 9W-1L placements and 16W-5L-1T overall. I'm at nearly 1900 up from 1540 last season final (where I only did placements). Having said that, I think biggest BS just waits ahead (some 10 game lose streak or smth like that, lol). Will see, if this actually happens I'm done for good with comp.
It's not bad but I wish there was a way I could break someone's Playstation over their heads when they don't switch despite getting hard-countered from half the enemy team
I enjoyed my placements, I have not enjoyed my last 2ish weeks of playing, reached my career high then droped 100 SR in two games and am stuck at low 2100 and high 2000 alternating win loss no matter how good or bad the teams are.
Like always, at the start high and at the end low so i don't get my top 500 stuff
I wouldn't know, I stopped playing comp.
02/12/2018 07:44 AMPosted by dostheboss
I got from 2650 to 2900 sr and now I am just stucked there and always end up one win away from diamond

This is serious the truth, I can get enough "solid" teams in a row to gain more than 25-50 SR in a day. I have been one game from Diamond a half dozen times and then get a thrower or a leaver. I play on Xbox so I get at least one smurf in every game. This is my least favorite season so far.
Great. I think I placed in low-mid gold and I've moved up to Plat.
The beginning was abyssmal. The past 2 weeks have been good.
Up and down. I have played 3 seasons, this included. Just got into silver my first season, just got into gold last season and I was hoping to maybe just get into plat this season, but after I went to 2200 and then dropped down to 1800, and now I am 1950, I don't think that will happen this season.

TBH I am getting a bit tired of doing comp.

I started out playing this game for fun, but when you loose in comp then it slowly starts to feel like work and I don't want to feel like "this was a waste of time" just coz I play comp and didn't gain SR from 2 hours of playing...But the thing is, when you start to play with the purpose of gaining gradually sucks the fun out of playing. At least for me..I am wondering if I should quit comp all together, but I think then I'm just gonna eventually quit altogether prolly coz the online pals I made are playing comp for ranking up so yea..

I guess comp this season is a mixed bag of things for me...
02/12/2018 08:23 AMPosted by CrankyPants
almost beat my career high....then match making bends me over a effing table and goes in dry, now im having trouble even getting back up there.

I have played the first 5 seasons pretty active and stopped after that and I must say competitive was always steadily going down the drain and it havent changed one bit in the time of my absence.

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