Lack of confidence on Team chat.

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Pls give advice because I want to talk to my team but I just get anxiety. I have really bad social anxiety for some odd reason and I hate communicating but I really want to on Overwatch. Any advice please give, thanks.
Buspirone + Therapy.

If you have a hard time with people who you can't see / will never interact again, I cannot imagine your day to day life.

Just make call outs. If someone griefs you, put them on mute.
Pretty much exactly what this guy said. Who cares about what some random people think in a lobby. Make callouts that you think are necessary and keep a positive attitude. A few of my friends were the same way, and after they finally just got over the anxiety and started calling out low hp targets, whenever a big cd is used, etc, they climbed at least 300SR.

Just make sure your callouts are helpful, and you won't get flamed for it.
"Tracer one hp, Genji no deflect, Tracer no recall, They have wall hacks, might be ulting soon careful, Zarya used ulty so they won't have it this fight"
Stuff like that are helpful, but not stuff like:
"Rein stop charging you're bad, No one is dying DPS SWAP NOW, Our tanks are trash, etc."
Also, try and call out the right stuff. Saying genji 1 hp, as hes being healed by a mercy is not exactly useful...
short, precise and accurate call outs help. and if your team doesnt appreciate it, then its their loss.
QP with 2 friends, and talk in there.

You will feel more confident with talking in comp after sometimes.
Just make essential callouts, don't smalltalk if you don't want to.

Also remember no one gives a !@#$. It's the Internet, even if someone gets super mad at you they're not going to remember you. You are just one of thousands.

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