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i only hate backfill when im thrown into a game with less then 30 sec left. before i get to pick a hero and get halfway to the payload or point, the game is over.
Someone may have a got an invite to play with a friend. Accept the invite and you'll leave the game your playing.
Within your argument lies the fundamental flaw of utilitarianism.

Following your theory, it is acceptable to sacrifice a healthy person and harvest his organs to save two dying patients in a hospital.

But how could knowingly killing a healthy man without his consent ever to morale? Two is certainly greater than One, but what about that one person? He had a family, children, and a happy life ahead of him but utilitarianism would sacrifice him for the good two random people he had never met in his life.

While in theory utilitarianism could be valid, in the real world it would not hold up. What person would willingly choose to be the sacrificial lamb, to give up all for two random nobodys to them? And if such a sacrifice were involuntary, would this regime not violate every freedom of choice, fairness, and life?

The fundamental theory utilitarianism is flawed, and as such cannot be applied to either life or overwatch.
I don't mind backfill but at the same time I don't think it's fair to penalise me for leaving a game where I've backfilled and don't want to play it. For example, if I have to backfill and the character I want to play isn't available, I shouldn't get a penalty for leaving, and the same with the map too. I didn't choose to be put in that situation, and under normal quickplay circumstances I could just leave at the character select screen. The penalty is super minimal and you have to do it lots in a short space of time, but it's still worth pointing out.
I don't like backfill either (even though I've led some comebacks) but instead of punishing with bans, why not greatly increase the xp award for backfilling to 1500-2000?
When I get thrown into backfill I make sure the match ends as quickly as possible, one way or the other whichever way the match is going.

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