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Firstly I want to start off by saying I am by no means amazing at Widowmaker and my hours, win rate, accuracy are not the best. However recently I've approached playing her differently and I feel like my aim is actually improving.

When first playing Widowmaker I would just try and get headshots, and would miss almost all the time. It was very hard, infuriating, and made me feel like I had no chance at ever playing this hero properly. After changing my sensitivity to one I was comfortable with around (24/25) I felt like I was more in control but my timing was still off and trying to get headshots was really hard.

Now however, I'm not focussing on getting headshots anymore, but bodyshots and with this in mind my aim is actually getting much better. Not forcing myself to only get headshots was what made it really hard playing her. But when I focus more on bodyshots I find it a little easier to get headshots too. My timing is improving and so is my aim.

So next time you play Widowmaker, try and focus on bodyshots moreso than headshots and maybe in time headshots will be much easier to get!
Well, its true that its better to atleast hit the body so you do some damage instead of nothing at all, but if you manage to full-charge crit any non-tank they are out of the fight which prevents the chance of them getting healed possibly (and thus giving the enemy healers ult%). So if you do have the opportunity, you should try going for these crits.

I can relate though, I would also rather get that bodyhit than missing entirely as im not that good with Widow either yet (and likely wont be for atleast a while)

You have me wondering about your sensitivity, i mean 25 is like a bloody lot, especially for someone like Widow on whom aim is a key factor. What dpi do you use in conjunction with it?

But ofcourse, everyone their own confident settings ^^
Yeah, in team fights if you can deliver reliable body shots, team mates should be able to finish those players off pretty easily; which is why a lot of people like such call outs when you put them on low health. Similarly you can easily finish low health players when they're called out (also why I'm a fan of EMP so I can see the health bars myself).

Incidentally, I use 800DPI and 3.5 Sensitivity.
What benefit does a body shot widow bring that a body shot any other hitscan does not the whole point is one shot one kill if you for example picked soldier the dps is comparable but he has much better utility and burst as does McCree.
As a diamond Widow my tip is to click heads.

(I've been too lazy to warm up and practise my aim lately so it's about time I get back too it...)

Bodyshots are shameful and missing is preferable to those. Also don't use SMG. Keep you honor alive even if it kills you!

25 sens is extremely high. I would not be able to hit anything with that.
There is no point in playing Widow if you are going to go for body shots. Keep trying to get headshots until you get good at it or play another hero.
sure, if the enemy hasn't located you yet; go for the the obvs headshot, but in the heat of a team fight, try and body shot enemys who have taken damage. you contribute to the fight more than just waiting for the 'perfect' kill.
25 sensitivity? Damn, son. The highest I ever used was 18. Currently using 1600/9 right now because I have limited desk space and I like things loose anyway.
I use 15 sensitivity and 800 dpi. anything lower and it just feels way to sluggish to track. With these settings I can pull off headshots on highly mobile heroes in close quarters combat within 10 feet =D. I dont know how anyone uses lower settings i mean you gotta move your mouse across your whole darn desk.
Yeah the downvotes qonvinced me. I'm obv wrong. I'll take the silver sym players advice on how to play Widowmaker. Increase sensitivity to ludicrous levels and avoid headshots. I'm ready for sil... GM now!
Widowmaker headshots-only custom game lobbies make for good practice with her, since you can only kill with headshots you'll be forced to adapt and with enough practice you can get better. I can't say for myself that it's helped me improve since I don't even play Widow, but the majority of my friends whom also play Widow agree that playing in those custom games have helped them improve to some extent. You should maybe give it a try and see how it works out for you in the end.

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