The Only Nerf Genji Needs: is an increased cooldown time

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Especially with the Sombra changes coming to PTR, I think he'll actually be able to be handled if they go through. Wait and see.
Genji is a tough hero to master and I think his deflect could use a little work, but what other hero has a cd reset after getting a kill.
02/10/2018 08:55 AMPosted by Skittles
Genji is a tough hero to master and I think his deflect could use a little work, but what other hero has a cd reset after getting a kill.

So how is genji exactly supposed to use dash if he doesn't have a cd reset? What other hero is designed like genji?

edit: Tracer is a tough hero to master and i think her blink could use a little work, but what other hero can rewind time and go back from 1 hp to 150 hp?
I don't think it's a fair comparison to make. Tracer's abilities don't reset. She's LIMITED. Genji is potentially not.

I like the way genji is designed and would rather them not focus on changing genji at all. If anything, I think Hanzo and Ana deserve attention.
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You're forgetting the other things, flashbang can stun people and do 50 damage at once so it almost always guarentees a kill. Genji needs aim with his swift strike to gain a kill.

Last I checked flashbang requires some what more aim then swift strike. I mean come on swift strike just requires the enemy to be in your FOV essentially.

Also note that flash bang does 25 damage not 50.

Flashbang also does not always guarantee a kill as FTH is inconsistent unless you muzzle shove it into a 200hp. Fan the hammer can fire 270 damage over .7 seconds. His stun only lasts .7 seconds which means McCree has to act fast because every .1 second he delays is 45 less damage he does. Which means that missing 0.2 seconds of his stun before using fan the hammer potentially loses 90 damage and as a result he only does 180 damage. Which may still kill a 200hp hero but only just.

His flashbang + headshot combo does 165 hp. Only hero's McCree can absolutely guarantee a kill on if his aim is amazing is tracer and baby

02/10/2018 07:12 AMPosted by Juanitoo
Tracer has a faster fire rate than Genji and can travel faster than genji with her blinks and to top it all off has a even smaller hitbox than genji.

Tracer only has one means of doing damage (ult and melee aside) where as Genji has a Primary fire, a Secondary fire, Swift strike, and deflect.

On paper, yes Tracer does move faster then Genji. Place them both in an open field and have them race and she will win most likely. However, Tracer lacks vertical movement where as Genji can climb over and beyond obstacles that would block tracers path. So depending on the map Genji can and often is faster then Tracer when getting to places. Last I checked there are not many open fields in overwatch.

As for hitbox size, Genji has the means to hide his head and has far more options for dodging incoming fire. Tracer's movement is horizontally locked making her movements easier to predict and compensate for. Where as Genji can literally jump over someones head over and over and over again causing a much more disorienting and frustrating fight in comparison to Tracers.

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