Game crashes with GPU Overclocked

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I have my GPU overclocked it is a GTX 650ti boost (2GB) and I have the voltage set to +87, +75 Core Clock and +150 on the memory clock, it runs pretty much every other game I play fine without crashes but overwatch doesn't seem to like to run it whilst overclocked, it's become a bit frustrating and I was wondering if there was a way to keep it from doing this or if I actually just cannot play this game with my GPU overclocked at all.
Overwatch runs at high FPS because of the low quality textures, this really taxes the GPU and could be the reason why you lock in overwatch but not other games.

I had issues especially with overwatch with my old video card.
I don't think it's the FPS cos I use Vsync and it's locked to 60 FPS.

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