Moira is Unbalanced heres why

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1. moira is invincible vs almost every dps in every situation between healing orb, fade on 6 sec cooldown, and life leech for 30 hps, all a moira has to do is AD crouch spam throw healing orb when weak if fade is off cooldown fade will come back off cooldown and fade out. between fade and healing orb she heals 110 per second.

2. Moira's general healing output! moira can heal 80 per second with her spray, 80 per second with her ball to multiple targets and the spray also heals 20 a second for 3 seconds after its done being used. lets do a little math if 3 targets stand near each other thats 160 healing per second x3 480 healing in 1 second.

3. Some will say moira has a weakness though her spray has limited ammo and runs out. This is where moiras extremely fast charging ult comes into play 90% of the time you run out of spray your ult will be ready to compensate for the down time when your spray is down.

fixes are simple in my opinon
1. healing orb does not heal her and hps reduced to 60 on orb
2. fade cooldown increased from 6-8 seconds

Curious as to what other high level players thoughts are on moira.
1. All a dps has to do is burst her down insead of trying to get into a fight of endurance with her.

2. Moira's main healing has a meter, and she has to deal damage to replenish it. She has strong healing because she doesn't get it for free.

3. He ult charges quickly, yes, but it's arguably a low impact ult. It does 140 hps in a concentrated beam. Besides, she's easy to stun out of her ult, especially with a hook or a flashbang.
spray is easy to keep up, her ult compensates spray downtime, and you cant burst moira down if she throws healing orb
You are challenging the current OP META healer , expect hate.
Not high level, but I'm pretty sure I can safely say that a Moira has never been the sole cause of me dying.
*Sees OP is a Tracer main*

Oh, now this makes sense.
if your team has a roadhog / dva and they have a moria, you're kinda just giving her unlimited healing ammo. Moria Can't sustain herself if a shield is blocking her right click.
Moira is mostly fine in terms of healing. Her damage presents another counter to Genji/tracer, which we somewhat needed. The only change I might present is reducing self hps with life steal down 10-15% and damage orb to 180 damage (and increase damage orb ult charge to the save value at 200)
My only problem with her is how far her damage beam reaches I think that it is way to long and needs to be shortened a bit. Other than that she is fine.
Moira is fine and perfectly balanced, here’s why....

You clearly don’t have the aim to click on her head. Done!

Ganji is no counter to Moira, but Tracer is.
Solder can and should cut her apart, Mccree it’s easy kills for him.

I could go on, so what’s your issue again?

You don’t like it because Moira isn’t mercy or zen? Both of them are easy kills for DPS.

Now you have a support that can fight back or evade you? Boo hoo.
Get gud.

BTW borderline masters is NOT high ranked.
My 2 complaints; Do something about the color and width of the beam. It is so blinding. 2nd do something about the stupid orb bounce pattern, it's incredibly buggy.
Moira is fine.

Countered easily by Roadhog, Dva, Tracer, Soldier, Pharah, Reaper...
Her Ult, on it's own, is HAS to be paired with something or it has to be used as a cleanup tool.

Road, Dva, Rein/Orisa/Tracer, McCrizzle, Reaper, Pharah (high enough that is), Soldier (far enough away), etc., will eat her alive.
02/16/2018 08:00 AMPosted by Dadical
*Sees OP is a Tracer main*

Oh, now this makes sense.

Doesn't make sense to me. I usually do fine against a Moira. It's like fighting a weaker tracer. After she uses fade, she's pretty much a free kill.
Pretty much, if I messed up by Fading too early or too late, I easily die. Moira is just like any other healer--paper. Why wouldn't she be able to heal herself? All the other healers can. Because you want her to be an easy kill? If she killed you in a 1 v 1 you were probably out of position, away from your team, and in a secluded area which is where you seal your fate: hallways or rooms are your nightmare. And you were missing your shots. I've gone 1 v 1 against Genjis and McCree's as Moira and gotten killed because they land their shots quickly. I think you might be upset that unlike Ana and Zen who have an incredibly hard time with flankers due to their mobility, Moira can actually fight back or evade you.

I think it's fair that every support has the ability to evade someone in a specific way: Ana can sleep anyone targeting her or an ally, specifically "flanking" tanks like DVa and Winston or grenade them to deter them from moving closer. Lucio can boop close-range enemies away like Symmetra or Mei (or tanks like Roadhog). Zenyatta's damage output and discord allow him to have a chance to kill an incoming tank before he is killed himself and his ultimate defends him against the ult of his biggest counter: Genji. Mercy has a pistol that is pretty tough that is great for shooting back at Tracers, McCrees, Soldiers, Widows, Baby DVas, and Sombra when they get upclose, although Tracer and McCree are tougher because of their abilities of Blink, Recall, and Flashbang. The bonus is she can quickly fly off. Moira on the other hand, can evade and fight back against Genjis, Tracers, and Sombras, the speediest of the flankers.

As I've said before, a lot of her kills are usually stragglers or people who managed to corner themselves with her in an enclosed space. As well as people who miss shots, were on low health or kept shooting head-on without breaking her line of sight. Her healing output might rival Mercy's but people also have to be close by to get hit by it, at least by a certain range. Pretty annoying when I spray at someone only to have them run away from me or leap away. And let's not forget unless you are actively draining anything (such as a tank) your heal resource is dry. Shields and barriers stop her easily. 8 seconds though lol. If you can't kill her in the 6 seconds between Fades and she's on very low health, you are just not doing very well.

As a Tracer main you essentially do the same thing. You can blink off out of range to grab a health pack and return to be an annoyance or you can undo damage by recalling. Yet people put up with it. Why are you crying in Moira can do it on a weaker level? Because she's healing people? Or because now you don't have easy access to healers?
Just because Moira messed up your dragon blade doesn’t mean that she is OP XD. I find it funny that dps call it op when support undo their work when that is the whole point of support in the first place.... Of course the dragon blade needs to be op and a five man so you can potg. This is a little harsh but the truth. There are only so many times you can nerf a support to oblivion.
''MoIrA iS oP''

Yeah let's just ignore the fact that every other healer brings utility to the team and healing, whilst Moira only brings good temporary heals and survive-ability.

If they nerf her im so done with this game lmao
Like I treat reaper; bait out the fade and then use my abilities. She is quite slow and if you jump around her she can’t lock on and you can bait her orb in a bad direction that it will not bounce around in.

I think she is in a good spot. But at the rate they nerf healers I don’t expect many support mains to be in this game for much longer.
Damn say something simple and you get down voted lol.
I don't believe Moira is overpowered. Her range just needs to be nerfed.

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