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If Moira is nerfed, I'm officially done playing healer in any capacity. No more. As of now, She and Zen are the only healers who aren't worse off now than they were at release. Lucio got massively nerfed. Ana got massively nerfed. Mercy got massively nerfed. If Moira gets nerfed, then it's clear that the healer class is not meant to have fun playing Overwatch.

What that means for the rest of you? Well, for starters, either some of you will have to start playing the heroes you've begged to have nerfed into the ground, or you'll have to play without healers. But that's just the start. See, I got to Diamond through my Lucio and Mercy play. I'm not a Diamond McCree, or a Diamond Tracer. But, if I have to pick a new role to have fun, DPS looks like a good bet. I'd never throw, but I'm sure I'll lose a lot of games while my SR adjusts, and I gotta believe that'll be the story for plenty of others as well.
doesn't need one I'm one of the only tracer mains who thinks she's fine
(I play XB, this is my PS account.)

My main healers are Moira/Lucio. Gf's main healers are Moira/Zen/Mercy.

Gf basically bought OW just because of Mercy (playing since day 1). She mained Mercy. Now Mercy sucks and she basically just heals on Moira/Zen.

I heal on Moira/Lucio.

Moira is amazing. No nerf plz
02/16/2018 08:11 PMPosted by Traaaaaaacer
DPS looks like a good bet

Just dont pick Doomfist unless you have godlike patience, otherwise you are gonna get bald from the stress
I do dislike the fact that her balls fly across the map and take out 50 hp cus why not
but idk if she should be nerf'd
her dps is ok, her ult is ok when ur gud with it
her range is gud to to counter pharah so thats a bonus imo
It'd be nice if the other healers were put on par with Moira in some shape or form, because when I'm playing support, I'd like not to die from being pelted with Tracer's dual nerfguns for 10 seconds straight.
Lucio got nerfed?

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