Lootbox issue.

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My legendaries keep dropping as non event items. I have gotten 4 legendaries now and all of them have been normal skins.
It's not really an issue. If it's dropping legendary items, it takes into account all of the legendary items you do not have, including the event ones, if the box is an event type. However, I wouldn't mind seeing a slight push toward event items in the event boxes (unless they have that and me and Sushi just have terrible luck)
sure its annoying to get non event legendaries but unless you dont go out of your way to buy those youll still have a chance to get em in the seasonal, would i like to see seasonal legendaries only in the season loot boxes sure, will it happen probably not
You noticed that too? Its much harder to get legendaries these days and heres why. Along with every release they drop a couple of new skins and then literally flood the chance pool with voiceines sprays and icons. Making the chances slimmer and slimmer each time without players knowing about it.

Technically this business ploy hides the best goodies in a sea of unwanted cosmetics that only continue to flood what little treasures are to really be had in the game.

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