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Ppl for some reason are debating alot about moira latelly. “She does too much dps, hard to kill, counter this counter that, shouldnt be doing this and that”..
well as a moira player myself, i wouldnt mind a nerf to her damage (if that is what it takes to make ppl stop playing her like a dps) and get a buff to the healing meter gain.
I do belive she is well balanced, but its the mercy 1.0 problem, ppl are using her in a non intented way (remember jeff said mercy 1.0 problem was the hide and seek way of playing)
But maybe a nerf to her damage would make ppl realize that her healing is very good. Not her dps.
Moira is a main healer and if you are playing her, diving the enemy backline and doing a **ity damage to the enemy while your team is in dire need of help, well.. your attack/defense is as good as gone.
She has no utility for her team. She either does damage or heals. She can't speed boost, she can't anti heal, she can't damage add, or debuff.

She was designed to be a damage dealing healer; a lot like zen, but in a main healer role.

What's driving dps players crazy is they think their role is the support killer role, and they are finding out Moira isn't fodder for them.

Tanks are the Moira killers, specifically D.Va, who already hard counters her orbs.

Moira was designed to be different, and people can't handle different. This is an obvious reaction to a new hero. I think Moira is just fine. She brings new dynamics, mechanics, and strategy to this game. She breaths new life into it. We should all be celebrating this hero, not tearing her apart post by post.

And I'll tell you right now, no support players wants to be fodder to flankers, that needs to end. Moira doesn't have to rely 100% on her team to save her, and Thank God for that, because most random teammates have tunnel vision.

I'm sorry, I refuse to get behind these nerf Moira threads. We finally get a hero that has their healing economy tied to their damage abilities that is also good in the mid and late fight (something we have been begging blizzard for) and now people are crying hard about it.

You want to kill and counter Moira, get a D.Va on your team. Eat orbs, watch her shift away then dive her with rockets/boosters/melee. Dead. Done.

Dps you aren't made to fight her. I was. Your tank main, get over it.

*edit* and I don't care if the OP claims to be a Moira player (although I have my suspicions). Moira doesn't need a nerf, people need to learn counters. I read thread after thread and D.Va as a counter never gets brought up, and you know why? Because it smashes their argument Into the ground.

I'm a tank main, it's my job to know counters, and I'm telling you is her counter. And it's this fact that is driving dps players crazy.

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