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RichC is definitely the most well-regarded forum user, which means he is also the most op one ever!
My encounters with him have lead to him gaining the upper hand, moral high ground (even Obi-Wan would be jealous), and forty-seven upvotes.
I am tired of his influence on these forums and here are the reasons why.

1. Positivity
Whenever I talk to RichC, my day gets 107% better in every way.
He considers other people’s opinions and is perfectly aware that he is not perfect (teehee wordplay).
I cannot stand this.
Overwatch is supposed to be a game that slowly removes all faith in humanity you have.
I am supposed to have severe anxiety, depression, and cooties from this game.
Yet RichC negates all of this with his overwhelming positivity, which makes me both happy and sick at the same time.
I have tried insulting him multiple times, but it never works!
Such as when I told him:
-Reinhardt is easy because he doesn’t need aim.
He replied with stuff like “I don’t care how hard my character is; I just want to help my team” and “Aim isn’t the only skill my friend.”
-He was faking his positivity for upvotes and that he was a very toxic person.
He talked about how he used to be very toxic and wanted to be a better person, which was so inspiring and nice I almost barfed rainbows.
-Reinhardt is garbage in this meta.
He agreed but told me that all you truly need to win is teamwork and that I should try it more often.
I don’t even know what teamwork is!
Please mute RichC’s account so I can be miserable in peace.

2. Threads
One time, he made a thread where he created a bar for tank mains (the true heroes of Overwatch).
I could not stomach the idea of allowing my meat shields to relax or have fun.
Video games are not meant to relax or have fun; they are meant for you to babysit me while I carry the team with my silver medal in damage.
Another thread RichC wrote was a call for tank mains to get their shields and defend the team.
The thread became so popular that even Papa Jeff himself took up the call with his golden Reinhardt hammer.
This can only mean one thing:
RichC is secretly Jeph Kaplan from the Overwatch teeeeeeeam.
I cannot see any other possible conclusion to be drawn from Jeff and RichC both maining Reinhardt.
The most recent thread I remember from RichC was one in which he asked the payload to be his Valentine for Valentine’s Day.
He discussed why the payload is amazing and that he’s glad him and it have been through so much together.
On top of that, he reminded me of how lonely I am.
The thread was so sweet I got Type 2 Diabetes.
Blizzard, please break RichC’s hands so he can’t write any more amacing threads.
That nerf is not overkill whatsoever.

3. Reinhardt
Since I couldn’t attack RichC directly, I attempted to insult his main and explain why Reinhardt is a bad character.
I was utterly defeated.
How the h*ck am I supposed to insult Reinhardt?!?
-Appearance: He’s very muscular and his hair is amazing!
-Backstory: It’s both tragic and inspirational at the same time!
-Personality: Reinhardt is so honorable that he makes the Round Table Knights look like the Nixon Administration!
-Taste in Music: Have you heard Night Rocker?
No wonder Rich mains this guy!
They’re both too perfect, and not even the Gary Stu kind!

It’s obvious that our beloved Reinhardt main must be nerfed to the shadow realm.
If none of the evidence convinced you before, I have this Reddit post from his smurf account “Tigole Bitties” in which he asks the developer team to redesign the objective very politely.

Whoever came up with this sheer Doom-fisting of an objective can go fudge themselves. Do me a favor so I don't waste my team’s time on this kind of stupid crapfest again, send me an email at when you decide to A) Implement an objective that wasn't designed by a Bronze Genji main chained to a cubicle B) Start protecting your team instead of charging in alone C) Actually push the damn payload and D) Win the match. And please for god's sake -- do it in the order I laid out for you. Don't worry, I won't charge you a consulting fee on that one. And for good luck you might as well E) Solo ult the baby D.Va. While you're at it rename the game to World of Tanks since you've used up you're alotted false advertising karma on the Control Point and golden hammer scam of '01. Fix the payload’s healing. Fix Mama Hong. Rethink your “damage blocked” bullcrap. Fix all the buggy Fudruckin objectives (I suggest you let whoever made 2CP draws less common do this since that dude apparently laid off the crack the rest of you were smoking). Fix the check points. Fix the big blue rectangle (just guessing it's screwed up considering your track record). Don't have the resources to fix this stuff? Move the ENTIRE Reinhardt mains association over to fixing these payloads AND DO IT NOW. If you don't fix the payload, you [Edited by Blizzard] will be the only ones with gold objective time.


Forum Moderator Note: I hate to be that guy, but masked obscene language isn't allowed even in jest. :(
I always did think RichC was a bit OP, but then again it's easy for them to stand out and shine in the current forum-meta.

RichC even invited me a Moira main to his bar. I was disgusted, how dare he think he can win me over with kind stories and promises of protection!? I fight my own Roadhog's RichC... you'd know that if you let me flank by myself and die every once in awhile!

You couldn't have had a better 1000th post and finale to this series.

can we get 100+ likes?
1000th post lol
omg lol i love this dude

SPGG- its nerf or nothing lmao???
you shouldn't Name and Shame
RichC is definitely a respectful and really kind individual. I think of him as one of the Overwatch developers, everyone wants them to post in their thread or quote their post.

And this is your 1000th post - and quite a good 1000th post it is.
Don't be sad because it's over, be happy because it happened
Is this a person or just some inside joke?
02/18/2018 03:28 PMPosted by Izzy
Is this a person or just some inside joke?

You never saw RichC? He is the guy who made the "Tank mains, assemble!" thread. He tends to be really positive too.
02/18/2018 03:28 PMPosted by Izzy
Is this a person or just some inside joke?

RichC is a real person, a poster on these forums and an avid supporter of Reinhardt. His positivity is almost like Reinhardt himself were on these very forums.
Seriously, though... who downvotes these?
Personally, I don't think RichC needs a nerf. His kind words and great personality are powerful, sure, but they fit right in with the current meta.
I’m really hoping he sees this.
Nevermore, this is a great 1000th post for ya. Your series is and has always been great, man...and I really hope someone else can take your place. This series is too good to live and let die.

- PyroPanda
I love RichC, he’s one of the sweetest forum posters. And legends say that he’s Reinhardt in the living flesh!!
You fools!
This isn’t even my final post in the series!
02/18/2018 03:55 PMPosted by Nevermore
You fools!
This isn’t even my final post in the series!

Damn Nevermore. Like an end credit screen in a movie you just tease us with more ;)
02/18/2018 03:55 PMPosted by Nevermore
You fools!
This isn’t even my final post in the series!

Oh no!

The madman is going to ask to *gasp* nerf Kaplan himself!

Quick, every man/woman/omnic for themselves!

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