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02/18/2018 04:04 PMPosted by glitched
02/18/2018 03:43 PMPosted by Bendubz11
There really can only be one winner for me, the thread that inspired me to create an alt account just so I could pay homage to it:

i died at "torbBbBbbBbBbbBBBbBbBBbbBBbBBB"
Ah, you're a person of culture I see
02/18/2018 03:40 PMPosted by Darhide
02/18/2018 03:37 PMPosted by MoonFrost
Last day for what?

Last day before they change up the forums (and delete all posts up until that point).

RIP >6000 post Symmetra thread
My favorite memory was constantly posting in a Reinhardt bug issue megathread on the ptr forums and then finally getting a response, and getting the fixes in a patch soon after that. The feeling of accomplishment was amazing!
Protect the Riptire.

And I wasn't on here when it was posted I was playing the game and a bunch of my friends started yelling it on the mic. By the time I got to the forum it was already a meme in google search.
02/18/2018 03:39 PMPosted by Crusher55
When a thread about Jeff Kaplan "holding a grudge" against a player turned into a thread about snacks. It was glorious.

It was the most fun I've ever had on the forums EVER, and one I'll remember whenever I'm snacking during an Overwatch binge ^^
I like the fan ideas. I hope the next forum has a space for sharing WattPad stories and other fan stuff
Maybe Krusher99's posts. I thought they were pretty funny.
“One stage of your journey is over, another begins”
- Gandalf
RichC and his Tank mains post :D
02/18/2018 03:49 PMPosted by GenjiIsCool7
02/18/2018 03:46 PMPosted by PharahHǝntoi
Witch hunting KangDva.

Ah, those were the days ;')

Schoolgirl ftw

I remember those dark days, the infamous forum user,
The "Counter the person above me" or "Reply to the story" threads, those got pretty funny in the good ole days :')

02/18/2018 03:30 PMPosted by GenjiIsCool7
So what are your favorite forum memories?

Mine was when everyone was Witch-hunting DrinkPepsi...
jeff roasting that one person
Oh so many genji nerfs threads, how could I possibly pick one?.
02/18/2018 05:12 PMPosted by Staarlyn

Apparently the powers that be are migrating things to a new forum with a bunch of fancy bells and whistles. You'll likely have to register there in a day or so. I'll probably just take the opportunity to slip away. Spent too much time fighting over matters that were of no import with people who didn't deserve my attention.

Have a good one kids. Luck to ya.
The threads of useful information and tips are the best.

Not cuz I learn anything anymore but cuz the really basic stuff like "the payload heals you on attack" is ALWAYS followed by a string of "wait... what?" "Really?"

Always makes me laugh.

TANK MAINS assemble!! It's time we answer the call!!
02/18/2018 03:33 PMPosted by Terranguard
When an OP deleted his post and the first comment decided the thread would now be about sandwiches.
Omg I was the OP, I made a post called "What is this Blizzard!?" and there was a picture attached with a zoom in of the "ok hand" sign on Tracer's spray from the Blizzard World update. Didn't think people would remember.
Mine was when I was making posts about how OP mercy 2.0 would be and all the mercy mains below diamond kept downvoting me and telling me I was wrong and that mercy will be trash with her new rework.

Yeah, that's right, I love being right, so it'll be a time that i'll never forget.

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