Most controversial Overwatch opinion?

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Scatter doesn't need replacement, Mercy is somewhat balanced (more than she was before), Genji and Tracer are fine, pharah is fine (but she could use a slight buff), and bastion and torb are still annoying (to me).

Phew felt good to get that off my chest.
Deflect is a broken op ability that takes no skill to use and needs to be reworked or removed from the game
Environmental kills have no place in this game, or any game.
Nerf all the heros I havn't figured out how to outplay and buff my main.
That it is a team game and you should work with the team not play some lone person.
Support mains shouldn't be put on a grand pedastal for flexing. I'm a flex player with more time on supports/tanks but people act like if you don't flex you should be banned.
Mercy and D.Va should be deleted from the game.

Moira needs to be toned down.
one tricks shouldn't be allowed to play comp. If you can't play more than one hero, you shouldn't bother with a mode designed for teamwork and winning.
The most toxic "class" of players are the "holier then thou" support mains, specifically Mercy mains that act that way.

Also I think Mei's changes might be good enough to make her a viable pick but we will see.
Even if the game was perfectly balanced where every character was viable, it is naive to think that all heroes will have, more or less, equal pick rates/play time amongst the community. Especially by the higher rank players and the professional gamers who have strong desires to win and will choose and conceive meta's that are the most effective and efficient in their eyes.
Events arent fun anymore.
Combat medic is best mercy skin.
Competitive should have never existed.
We need more ways to earn lootboxes other than getting 1 after grinding over an hour just for it, and it ends up being trash.
Timthetatman is not funny.
Pharah is best girl.
OWL also should have never existed, they should have waited another year until creating it, at least.
Some of this is me lying some of this is my being honest which ones are correct? :O

Deflect is fair.
DM is skillful.
Scatter Arrow is balanced.
Chipsa isnt funny. hes sad.
There is too much damage in the game.
D'va does too much damage generally. #FreeMcree
Orisa is "fun" to play against.
Junkrat was never broken.
Genjis and tracers are underpowered.
I have zero concerns about characters because they have their strengths and weaknesses

I'm more concerned at the fact at people who leave mid game making it 5v6 for most of the game. Oh and auto lockers who decide to have 5 dps and 1 tank, no medic not realizing what we need.
mandatory team chat in competitive
5-man Mercy resurrect wasn't fun at all.
Doomfist needs a full rework.

Not because of his bugs.

Not because he is unbalanced.

But because he is the single most frustrating hero to play against.

All of his abilities stun the enemy in some way or another. A good DF will combo his abilitys to stunlock you.

Stunlocking is not fun, never was, never will be.
One tricking should be bannable.
moira is by miles easier than symmetra.
people trash me for saying this but any person who was played both heroes will realize that its the truth
Any hero giving you trouble? Click on their head.
02/19/2018 11:50 AMPosted by LucioMain
Don't play competitive if you aren't competitive.

The fact that this is considered controversial is truly sad for Competitive.

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