Most controversial Overwatch opinion?

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Playing supports is easier because you go with the flow instead deciding that flow.
Tracer gay is good
2-2-2 meta needs to go. It's fine to have that as a viable team comp, but 3/4 dps teams need to be more viable because (a) there are more than twice as many dps heroes as supports or tanks, and (b) obviously a disproportionate number of players want to play dps -- you can tell by how quickly those slots get filled at the beginning of every game.

I love support and tank heroes and the people who play them, but I have a lot of favorite dps heroes that I rarely get to use. Please let me use them more, without making my teammates unhappy.
Some of this is me lying some of this is my being honest which ones are correct? :O

Deflect is fair. Truth
DM is skillful. Lie
Scatter Arrow is balanced. Truth
Chipsa isnt funny. hes sad. IDK what this means...Truth?
There is too much damage in the game. Truth
D'va does too much damage generally. #FreeMcree Truth
Orisa is "fun" to play against. Lie
Junkrat was never broken. Lie
Genjis and tracers are underpowered. Lie

Did I pass or fail
The Original Release version of Bastion, Was The Most Balanced The Character has ever been. Besides some small things involving Recon mode..

(Not the shield Version, Tho that was awesome)

My Opinion?
Bastion's Sentry needs to be Reverted.
02/19/2018 01:04 PMPosted by CASHBALLER
2-2-2 meta needs to go.

Yeah, 1-1-4 should be the thing when you look at available heroes and what people want to play.

It is gonna be tough to beat the advantages of a healer healing another healer, and picking up the slack when the other one is dead though.

Also, another controversial opinion even though I play healers: Healing breaks the game, it is needed to be looked hard and reworked to not make metas defined by healers.
Mei's kit is disgusting and she doesn't deserve buffs. Ever.
One tricks should earn less SR per match no matter their performance and people who flex and win that game should get more SR no matter their overall performance.
If genji had Moira's visual design, he wouldn't be a problem.
Honzo Scatter Arrow requires no skills what so ever.
nerf moira. she was sort of fun like the mercy rework on the ptr when you could 1v6 with the ult + blaster but the joke has been taken too far now
Hook 1.0 was fine.
quick play is for winning too and the "its just quickplay" excuse for going 5 dps 1 off-tank is annoying and ridiculous
if you want to go rambo on dps play ffa
Mei should not have damage falloff for her alt fire
Mine: Mercy was fine to begin with, she never needed a complete overhaul.
Maybe just a slower ult charge.
it's eaither
Mei is a tank


Doomfist isn't a melee hero
Lets see...

Mobility is the single biggest problem in Overwatch and doesn't stand a hope of being balanced until a good anti-mobility hero is introduced.

Anti-mobility tools are only good if they're better against mobile heroes than immobile heroes. Flashbang is far more effective against a Reaper or Soldier than a Tracer since they can't juke it.

Ana will never be viable until dive tanks are nerfed. Buffing her to be viable would be a mistake since it'd just give us a repeat of Season 2/3.

Dva isn't balanced. Beam heroes are still too weak to threaten her through Matrix, and her burst is incredibly high.

Tracer being hard doesn't account for the lack of weaknesses her kit has and her ability to outplay all her "counters" to the point where she may as well not have any. Widow, Zen and Ana are hard, and they all have counters. It's not a justification for Tracer's strength that you can't play her well.

Double-mine Junkrat was fine in a game where Flashbang, Hook and Scatter exist. The only problem Junkrat has is how fast he charges his ult now that it's actually good.

I think that's most of my opinions that'd attract downvotes on these forums.
dVA is currently overtuned.
this sombra rework makes her one dimensional and boring
(not entirely though)
The people on these forums aren't particularly intelligent.

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