Most controversial Overwatch opinion?

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Some of this is me lying some of this is my being honest which ones are correct? :O

Deflect is fair. - honest
DM is skillful. - lie
Scatter Arrow is balanced. - honest
Chipsa isnt funny. hes sad. - honest
There is too much damage in the game. - lie
D'va does too much damage generally. #FreeMcree - honest
Orisa is "fun" to play against. - lie
Junkrat was never broken. - lie
Genjis and tracers are underpowered. - lie
Mercy was fine.

If rez has no place in the game then neither do ults that can wipe out an entire team.
This game really didn't deserve 'game of the year 2016'
Genji is OP.
Oh let me add another unpopular opinion.

The game devs should stop altering the game (e.g. making buffs and nerfs) to fit the playstyles of OWL players and pros.

A pro is a pro because they have the intuitive playing sense to understand a character's strengths and weaknesses and develop tactics on how to best use and overcome those. Basing buffs and nerfs to characters off of OWL players is silly.

The majority of players of this game aren't OWL players, they don't have the intuitive nature to play characters in some of the most out-of-the-box ways imaginable. And the average player won't ever be that kind of player. They can emulate what OWL players do, but it is only emulation, they aren't innovating these playstyles on their own.

It's admirable to think every player could get good enough to become an OWL level player someday, but it is also extremely naive. Buffs and nerfs should be based on in-depth analyses of how a character's kit affects the abilities and effectiveness of other characters, but also should also be done keeping in mind how this will affect the majority of players, aka the AVERAGE player. OWL level players can always adapt and overcome, regular players don't do that naturally.

Fixating on OWL players and pros and altering characters to fit that level of play is why we keep needing constant nerfs and buffs on characters. You're unbalancing the game for the top 1%, not the huge middle ground of players and it's slowly running the game into the ground, I think.
Tanks and Healers don't actually require more game sense than DPS.
02/19/2018 02:21 PMPosted by Vagagunmen
This game really didn't deserve 'game of the year 2016'

It really didn't. 2016 was a very weak year for games sure, but even then you had a handful of amazing releases like DooM and Dark Souls 3 that easily give Overwatch a run for it's money.
Tracers only gay to silence the special snowflakes demanding representation.
One tricking any hero should be bannable, it ruins a game when you get hard countered and you can’t switch.
That the other supports just need a buff to Moira's level.
People who play dps Moira arent capable of playing the other real flankers (or really any dps). They want to "frag out" and feel like they're really cool with all the medals they get.
Buff Sombra plz
02/19/2018 01:05 PMPosted by Nuk
Some of this is me lying some of this is my being honest which ones are correct? :O

Deflect is fair. Truth
DM is skillful. Lie
Scatter Arrow is balanced. Truth
Chipsa isnt funny. hes sad. IDK what this means...Truth?
There is too much damage in the game. Truth
D'va does too much damage generally. #FreeMcree Truth
Orisa is "fun" to play against. Lie
Junkrat was never broken. Lie
Genjis and tracers are underpowered. Lie

Did I pass or fail

Congratulations you passed :D

On the note of chipsa, that was just me taking a dig at him as I find him to be an incredibly toxic player. Idk how people find him funny.
Controversial you say... Well then, Doomfist has no bugs.
Then again, that's not controversial it's just a lie
Traps aren't gay
heroes being situational is fine, not all of the heroes need to be viable in every given situation.

bastion/torb/symm don’t need buffs.
Mercy was fine before the rework,
Hide and Rez was fine,
Multi rez was fine,
Everyone who complained about Mercy pre-rework got what they deserved when she became OP.
Flex players are mediocre at everyone, and make this game worse overall.

I'm not complaining about the act of flexing, just flex "mains".
Mercy shouldn't have ever been reworked.

Many of the maps are poorly designed (not talking visuals here, they look great) and just favour dive comps. Defending always feels like the odds are greatly stacked against you.
my ranking is too low

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