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Welcome to Numbani

-Picks Junkrat-
“It’s a Perfect Day for some mayhem”
-concussion mines to the point-
-dance emotes-
“I’m alive!”

Attackers incoming in 30 seconds
On attack:
Picks Pharah
Emotes in spawn room.
Goes torn and builds turret in spawn then just stands still only moving to not get kicked
Picks D.Va
Spin around for like 30 seconds randomly shooting missiles and boosting
-gets out of emote-

Attackers incoming...defend Objective A

-Spams aimlessly at the wall-

-Spams I’m alive voiceline-
My team:

Hanzo, Widow, Ana, Torbjorn, Symmetra, Tracer
picks a healer
goes to a lonely corner
starts crying, whispering "i dont want to do this" over and over
-picks Genji-
-enemy D.va hits me from the other side of the map-
-199 HP-
-Run up to Mercy and spam “I need Healing-
-Realise its enemy Mercy-
-Continue spamming “I need Healing”-
Hanzo never switched

Runs down into the bottom where the mega pack is and dies to a blind scatter arrow
It’s Tracer time.

Now bring me those Widowmakers to hunt.
02/19/2018 09:02 PMPosted by Rosen
picks a healer
goes to a lonely corner
starts crying, whispering "i dont want to do this" over and over
I need healing.
-Dies to some random ability that I’m too lazy to look at what it was-

-switches to Symmetra-

-Gets teleporter-


-Teleporter at enemy spawn A-

-Proceeds to get killed by D.Va and teleporter destroyed but Reinhardt is now off the cliff-
02/19/2018 08:58 PMPosted by Terry
Locks in Symmetra on the attacker's side and types in chat "Hanzo go healer u feggot"

"Nah man i already have 5 golds tbh and the game hasnt even started"
-On attack-
Picks Pharah and flanks right using hover jets
Picks Reinhardt (unless we want to dive)
On Microphone: "Hey everyone, how's it going?"
That is literally what I say before every match.
(I notice some people aren't in Team Voice Chat)
Type the following in team text chat: "I'll be in team voice chat, I'm friendly, I'll be shot calling targets for you all"

Everyone in team VC.

Proceed to win.
-On Defense

-Picks Orisa

-Uses the puppy emote on point so I can not be killed

-Rest of my team cleans up whoever is on point

- V I C T O R Y
(Ok, who mass downvoted the posts in this thread? I upvoted them all to make it balanced again)
-On defense-
Picks Mercy
"Y-Y-You-You really should take better care of yourself"
*too many messages please wait"

"Y-Y-You-You really should take better care of yourself"

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