Canceled Heroes

General Discussion Here are some canceled heroes, which of them would you like to see, personally if I could have one added, I'd want "Watcher" Her design and abilities seem so interesting
Mama Hong
you mean "Overwatch Rejects"
02/20/2018 11:33 AMPosted by ArchFaust
you mean "Overwatch Rejects"

Dont you dare insult momma hong like that
brit seems very nice. i want anotehr pistol tech/mech support
alot of them seem much cooler than what we have now. atleast from their looks

phreak, luc and rashi look so dope
Watcher's abilities sound like what ultimately became of Moira. "Transfusion" and "Teleport".

"Psyblade" kinda sounds like Doomfist (ie: Super Punch, Shockwave).

It would be cool to get a backstory of why these characters didnt work out.

I personally am still waiting for Jetpack Cat.
Symmetra seems cool! I believe her three turrets are like moving senteint sentries.

And judging by her weapon it seems to target multiple enemies at once.
recluse is the girl with the spider legs who shots beams from her mouth, i want that
Brit seems cool and i think she could fit well in the game and expand's lore with a name change.
Helio sounds kinda interesting and even showed up in the recall short so that makes him canon.
I think we all want mama Hong...
Rashi seems pretty cool.
Watcher has a pretty awesome design but i feel she missed her chance to be in the game after Moira. If they replace teleport she could work though...
Brit and Mama Hong.

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