We need a character that actively punishes moving

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Want a hard counter to mobility characters? Add an ability that debuffs targets so that they take 10 damage for every meter they move through any means. This way, tracer dies after she blinks twice, genji dies after a swift strike, and those two finally have a hard counter.
Yeah let's just kill the game and make mobile heroes troll picks
That ability is basically Mei's ice spray... Now if only she could hinder Genji and Tracer from just dashing away that would actually work.
Taking 10 damage for 1 meter is too much, the hero will pretty much be standing still if they don't want to take any damage. We do need a mobility counter but I don't think your idea is the way to go
This hurts every hero, not just flankers. Lucio and arguably Mercy become trollpicks. Winston, D.Va, and Rein go bye-bye. Pharah and Doomfist might as well not exist.
Sombra finally gets the buffs/nerfs she desperately needed and people start talking about buffing Mei who is her HARDEST counter smdh

Better idea: give more characters mobility abilities and rework Mei's blaster to only apply slow, her snipecicles to not require charge, and her ultimate to freeze people the second snowball gets into position so that you'd have to clock her ult in order to escape or counter. Oh and replace ice block with an ice slide so she can evade rather than camp, heal, and feed enemy ult charge.
It would kill every hero with low HP.
As much as I like the general idea of it, it'd be far too overpowered with 10 dmg per meter. Movement is far too important to create something like it. Furthermore, you'll still have one major issue...

How hard will it be to apply? If it's easy, then it will be far too strong for how hard it is to apply. If it's hard, then it suddenly punishes those with less mobility more again.

Really tough to balance...

I'd prefer a gradual slow to damage. The more you move, the more it slows you, until it caps at like 25-50% or so.

But I'm not sure if that's something blizzard wants to implement. Hard to tell what impact it would have, not only on balance, but the enjoyment of watching it. Both of those things are quite important.

Sombra finally gets the buffs/nerfs she desperately needed and people start talking about buffing Mei who is her HARDEST counter smdh

What? Since when has Mei been a counter to Sombra? I'm hearing that for the first time. How can a Mei counter a sombra?
More of a counter to Divers/flankers, than just mobility

I still want a Talon poisoner. Someone low mobility, 250 health (150 of which are shield) Fires a spray like Mei, maybe 10-12 meter range, but more of a cone, and can hit multiple targets at once. Does 10 damage every half second, and applies a DOT that does an extra 3 damage a second for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times. Dot damage doubles if the target uses a mobility skill/passive. Could give he a poison trap for a second ability, and maybe an ult that turns her into a puddle of poison, with increased movement speed and immune to damage, that applies the poison to all she touches.

A Strong Area of Denial type that can be kept by less squishy types that punishes those who dive near her without support.
WTH? A character that punishes "moving"? Standing still is the same thing as death. The only reason people *ever* survive Junkrat traps is because you can sometimes get caught in them when nobody is looking at you.

We don't need mobility counters. We could use some mobility buffs besides Lucio's speed boost, though.
That wouldn't just punish mobile heroes, it would punish any hero that relies on pressing W key. Imagine, for just a second, the consequences of forcing any player to either walk but take a ton of damage for every step, or... stand still until the effect is over. That's a death sentence, every single time.

We can come up with abilities and concepts and whatnot that limit the truly mobile heroes without so greatly hindering non-mobile heroes. We're likely to see a big increase in anti-mobility options with the Sombra patch, whenever that goes through. The most mobile heroes in the game rely on abilities to move around, and Sombra's buff to hack means not only is it more consistent to hack enemy heroes, but it does more to negate their mobility, such as deactivating passives. Of course, another issue here is that now Sombra is really strong against Pharah and Doomfist, two mobile-focused heroes who are already in relatively rough spots. An unfortunate price to pay, I suppose.

They could make a hero that denies strolling through certain areas, though. I had an idea of a paint-based hero that could coat walls and floors with different paints/chemicals, and treading over or near them causes some debilitating effects. A sticky floor that slows movement or disables movement abilities, or a trap that tethers them to a particular radius for a short while. Something that will make the mobile heroes move less freely, without truly taking everything away from them too easily, nor making things worse for non-mobile heroes.

If only balancing mobility was easy in any video game, ha. Either everyone goes fast or no one goes fast, very hard to have both.

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